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KARAN Donna (Donna Karan)

( Designer)

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Biography KARAN Donna (Donna Karan)
photo KARAN Donna (Donna Karan)
Prior to her appearance lot of a business woman was almost a man's jacket with 'mannered' skirt and shoes on the 'heels'. Donna Karan has proved that business lady can be feminine. Gorgeous, sensual, sexy and black - these adjectives describe her style experts.

Chamfer Donna (maiden name of Donna Karan) is one of the few who went on the road parents. Her father was a tailor, mother - a fashion model. After school, she entered Parsonovskuyu School of Design (New York), but its not finished. Fate decreed otherwise. Student invited to work in a fashion house Anne Klein. And in 1971, her teacher and rabotodatelnitse diagnose: cancer. Donna, at the time a young woman entrepreneur Mark Karan, expecting a child, is forced to take matters into their own hands at home. 'Soon after I gave birth to daughter. Less than two days, as my boss died ... I had to get out of bed and go to work. So I became a business woman, who did not want to be ever '- she remembered those times later, Mrs. Curran.

No wonder that after all these troubles, when he had to go all out, designer thought about clothing, which will not only beautify, but also to help women. Perhaps it was this difficult time allowed Donna go down in history fashion. Despite the meteoric rise, the first own collection, this strong woman was able to provide only the fall of 1985. This was also preceded by its own drama.

For two years before, Donna and her husband divorced and married with sculptor Stephen Weiss. This alliance will allow fashion designer to start own business. She supported the largest auctioneer House Anne Klein - Japanese group Takihyo. Since then, Donna Karan has become a bestseller in America.

The first line of pret-a-Porter House of Donna Karan New York (DKNY) was built on 7 items: body, leggings, dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, pants and accessories. In her designer wanted to convey the spirit and energy of the multi-ethnic New York. By the way, she tells Donna that the idea of creating this line pushed her daughter. 'She and her classmates constantly digging in my closet. Eventually, I gathered them and asked: 'What would you like to wear tonight? " They needed simple, relaxed dresses, denim overalls ... Yes, and I myself feel the need everyday, simple clothes. That is the meaning of the line DKNY '. Donna Karan Models emerged as not on time. All acutely felt need someone that can put women in a simple and comfortable clothes. Her idea is really much easier life, and yet it is designer aimed to. To the best of sexy, highlighting the curves of figures, clothes from Donna Karan feels comfortable business-lady, who just over 30, because in these suits a balance between 'body' and 'business'. It is soft and comfortable, able to 'live' in different climatic conditions, 'move' from one climate to another.

For over 25 years, this remarkable woman paints clothing. 'People are just amazed: see how much you have done in such a short time! Do you know how many hits I've done for my life? How many skirts revised as jackets? This is the reality. Say what you like, but it is still the same two arms and two leg. Dealing with clothing, do not reinvent the wheel as. Objective one - that all the 'work' together ... '

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KARAN Donna (Donna Karan), photo, biography
KARAN Donna (Donna Karan), photo, biography KARAN Donna (Donna Karan)  Designer, photo, biography
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