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Leonovich Catherine

( Designer)

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Biography Leonovich Catherine
Katya was born in an intellectual family in Moscow Writers. Rebellious spirit and irrepressible imagination she showed from childhood. From her room she made a cave, painted walls fleeing wild animals, the windows sealed foil: "I always wanted to invent a parallel reality, to build its own space". Since childhood Katia many draws, graduated from art school. In 20 years became a student of Textile Academy in the class design. Gathers at the dump of the original piece of iron species from which partly constitutes the interior of his apartment. Her dream is to be a designer of the surrounding space, creating all - from small things, salt shakers on the table lamp on the wall, of course, clothing and furniture finishing and architecture. "From all that can be an object of art" - this position for Katie has always been relevant.

Becoming a professional artist, fashion designer, Katya a long time engaged only in painting: Participation in international exhibitions of contemporary art in Belgium and France. Close fashion Ekaterina Leonovich took up only in 1995, creating the first grunge, deconstructive stuff. Made the first collection of "Second Skin", Kate introduced her to the All-Russia competition of young fashion. Hope Lamanova and won his. The prize was participation in the Week of Pret-a-Porter Milan. In 1997. Catherine participated in the competitions "Dress of the Year", "Smirnoff", go to Paris for a week Pret-a-Porter, has worked in the project "Driam angels" in Tokyo as costume. One of his collections of "post-nuclear Baroque shown at the International competition of young designers" Mittelmoda ". The reward for winning was the internship at the House of Gattinoni, where Catherine the proposed two-year contract. Gattinoni - the oldest fashion house from the existing in Italy - he's 70 years. Owner Houses - Fernanda Gattinoni. Madame Gattinoni at the time dressed Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Sophia Loren. Now the main customers at home - the European aristocracy, the Arabian princess and wife of oil magnate Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Katia came when a collection of haute couture was almost ready, and made her original jewelry, accessories and knitted dress "Fifth Element", in which man and woman are inseparably intertwined into one whole. Collection "Bijou" was a huge commercial success - the two princesses of the Emirates have ordered gold noses of Katya Collection. If her experience in Russia was a tasting of color, . tissue, . Forms, . from which just giddy, . Italy has made it possible to put it "We can say, . I was cleaning all of their professional qualities, . enriched our experience modeling the principles of haute couture and adapted them to the other, . more elegant way ", . - Commented on Kate,
. A woman in her things become beautiful, but not sugary-sweet, but strong and expressive, her image appeared elegant and chic. Gattinoni not just a conservative fashion house, which is decorated with a woman guipure and chiffon. Madame Fernanda Gattinoni never dull collections. She said: "I do not want to be old-fashioned, and sometimes allow myself some chertovschinku, but the suit can only be a drama".

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Leonovich Catherine, photo, biography
Leonovich Catherine, photo, biography Leonovich Catherine  Designer, photo, biography
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