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( Theater and film actor)

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Biography MAIKOV Pavel
photo MAIKOV Pavel
Height, weight - 184 cm, 75 kg.
Hair color, eye - light brown hair, blue eyes.
Place of birth, date of birth - October 15, 1975, the city Mytishhi.
Marital status - Year as a married, no children.
Financial position - in fact the money never enough.
Place of work - Theater of the Moscow City Council, before the theater "Sphere", a musical "Metro".
What girls like - not tall, and that fools were.
What do not like - Dura initiative.
Hobbies - collect bottles.
Nickname - Kuzmich.
Favorite food - Quesadilla Cabbage.
Table book - "The Reserve" Dovlatov.
Favorite pastime - I watch tv, listen to music.
Favorite time of year - Spring, Fall.
Act, for which a shame so far - rescued a girl from another.
What is common between you and your hero? - Schd ... stvo.
As you might deduce from myself? - Stupidity.
What kind of cigarette smoke? - I prefer "Gitanes".
Favorite alcoholic drink - whiskey.
What are you afraid? "- Not to be noticed.
Machine - what? - Was used to "Six". Now - no.
Where to live? - Rent two-room apartment.
Favorite vacation spot - In the country, which is located on the Black Sea coast.
Where do you prefer to dress? - Where is cheaper ...
Love - is ... - Understanding ....
I love ... - I love to have sex, to act in films, drinking in good company, I love my friends, my wife and still very fond of children.
I hate ... - I hate cowardice, groundless babble, hate it when people are not responsible for their words, I hate people and hate the optional winter.
Your favorite color - Black.
I regret not having played the role ... - Klapy in the play "Notre Dame de Paris".
Your weakness - laziness and envy.
Had to risk his life? - No risk.
So why can sacrifice a career? "- Did not work so.
Believe in God? - Yes.
The largest amount of money held in their hands - 35000 dollars.
The most expensive acquisition - Machine.
The biggest dream - to become a great.
Most rash - With a friend in a drunken state with no money left for Peter.
For the sake of love I am ready for ... - For the sake of love? At all!
How do you see yourself in ten years - the same.
If it had not become an actor, you would have ... - Artist.
Favorite movie - "Once in America".
"Brigade" - about what? - About love and friendship.
When drunk the last time? - A few days ago, on its own a birthday.
Your principles - I do not remember evil.
You are in love? - Yes.

Born October 15, 1975 in Mytischi Moscow Region.

In 1992 he graduated from high school.

In 1994 joined the faculty at GITIS "actor Drama Theater (workshop M.
Chomsky). He graduated in 1998.

. From 1998 to 1999, the theater actor "Sphere".

. Artiste Mossovet.
. Working in the theater

. "Two Gentlemen of Verona", role: "Proteus" (diploma performance).
. "West Side Story" - role: "Riff".
. Foam days "2000
. "Jesus Christ - Superstar" - role: "Simon the Zealot" 2000
. "Topsy - turvy" (fairy tale), the role: "Nightingale the Robber, 2001
. "Metro" (musical), the role: "Ivan" (main part), 1999
. Working in film

. "Brigade", the main role: "Bee", dir
. A. Sidorov, 2002

Work on television

"Man's Work - 2" dir.: T. Keosayan, 2002


Dance, Vocals.

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