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Alexey Artamonov

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Alexey Artamonov
photo Alexey Artamonov
(24. 3. 1916 - 30. 7. 1941)

A rtamonov Alexei junior airman 168 th Fighter Regiment (45 th Composite Air Division, 18 Army, the Southern Front), Lieutenant. Born March 24, 1916 in the village now Shaytanka Prigorodny district of Sverdlovsk region in a peasant family. Russian. He graduated from the school trade schools in the city Kuntsevo (now Kuntsevskiy region r. Moscow), worked as a mechanic, he studied at Kuntsevo Aeroclub. In the Red Army from 1939. Graduated 1 st Kachin Red Banner military aviation school pilots the AF Myasnikov.

In the first weeks of the Great Patriotic War, Artamonov AA. made 37 sorties.

July 30, 1941, Lieutenant Artamonov was at the airport in the duty managers. At the end of the day when the sun had already dipped toward the horizon, appeared over the airfield aerial reconnaissance of the enemy Hs-126. Artamonov first took to the air to intercept a "Henschel". Seeing a fighter pilot fascist increased speed and turned to the west. After 5 minutes the Artamonov caught up with him. Sensing danger, the enemy began to maneuver. Air gunner opened fire on the fighter. Choosing the most advantageous position, Artamonov released bursts at close range, which pierced the fuselage. "Henschel" continued to fly. Artamonov again went to scout a short distance and opened fire, but after a few shots of all broke. Then he sent his fighter to the enemy, and rammed his. The blow fell in the fuselage. "Henschel" on fire, and the sprawling, began to fall. Upon impact Artamonov was seriously wounded and was unable to use a parachute.

. W tion of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexey A. Artamonov was posthumously awarded the March 27, 1942.

. H agrazhden Order of Lenin
. Buried in the village of Flat-Zabugskoe Olshansky region Kirovograd region. Name of Hero named a street in Moscow.

Biography provided by AE Melnikov

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  • Romualdich for Alexey Artamonov
  • He was buried in the village Chistopolye, Kirovohrad region Olshansky area. Personally was at the tomb, near the monument in the village live my rodstvmniki
  • Sasha for Alexey Artamonov
  • In fact buried in the village Chistopolye, . rather than flat-Zabugskoe.Sam ram and place of death in the same s.Zavetnoe Olshansky region Kirovograd marz 2006 Agrobusiness Board Chairman and local farmers Reading Gena at the crash site with a monument bearing the name of lesu.Kolhoz AA Artamonov collapsed. Starozhilov and witnesses are not ostalos.Krylo of fighters dug pupils, . The school has a small muzey.23.03.2009.,
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