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Aubakirov Toktar

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Aubakirov Toktar
photo Aubakirov Toktar
(27. 7. 1946)

A ubakirov Toktar Ongarbaevich - pilot test. Born July 27, 1946 in the village kolkhoz 1-go Maja Karkarala district of Karaganda oblast (Kazakhstan). Since 1962 worked as a turner at the foundry-mechanical factory in Temirtau, Karaganda region, engaged in parachuting in the flying club. In 1965 he graduated from Karaganda Aviation Training Center DOSAAF.

In the Soviet army from 1965. In 1969 he graduated from the Armavir Higher Military Aviation School for Pilots. He served in line units air. Since 1975 БT  in stock. In 1976 he graduated from the Test Pilot School in 1979 БT  evening department Zhukovsky branch MAI.

In 1976-1991 БT  in flight test work on behalf of the OKB Mikoyan. Rise into the sky and tested various versions of MiG-29 and MiG-31. Participated in the testing of supersonic combat aircraft MiG-23, MiG-25, MiG-27 and their modifications; conducted tests on air refueling aircraft-interceptor MiG-31B.

. November 1, 1989 on the MiG-29K for the first time in the country took off from the deck of the aircraft carrier "Tbilisi".

. W tion of the Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal Б•  Б•L test pilot Toktar Ongarbaevichu Aubakirova awarded Oct. 31, 1988 for courage and heroism, . shown during testing of new aviation technology.,

. 3.10 in October 1991 made a space flight as an astronaut and researcher at the spacecraft Б•  Soyuz TM-12 Б•L and the orbital complex Mir Б•  Б•L duration 7 days 22 hours.

. He lived in the town of Zhukovsky, Moscow region, in Moscow.

. Fter the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992 became the first deputy chairman of the State Committee for Defense of the Republic Kazahstan.V 1993-1996 БT  CEO of the National Aerospace Agency of Kazakhstan, . in 1996-2000 БT  Adviser to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Defense, . defense industry and space,
. БT  Since 2000, the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Honored Test Pilot of the USSR (1990), Soviet cosmonaut (1991), Major General Aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1992). National Hero of Kazakhstan (1994). He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, Б•  Honor Б•L, medals and foreign decorations.

. He lives in the city of Astana (Kazakhstan).


Biography provided by A. Simonov

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  • Tansyk for Aubakirov Toktar
  • Hello, dear Toktar Ongarbaevich, My name is tansyk Mazhitova, I live in Karaganda. I am an artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan. This year the 75-year anniversary of the city I am doing a series of portraits of prominent people associated with Karaganda. I'd like to make your portrait. To give you an idea about me, look, please, my site: tansyk.narod.ru Toktar Ongarbaevich, I ask you, do not refuse me! I'm going to wait for your reply. Sincerely, tansyk
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    Aubakirov Toktar, photo, biography
    Aubakirov Toktar, photo, biography Aubakirov Toktar  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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