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DRAKONTSY Blossom Aemilius (Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius)

( Latin Poet)

Comments for DRAKONTSY Blossom Aemilius (Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius)
Biography DRAKONTSY Blossom Aemilius (Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius)
Drakontsy, Blossom Aemilius; Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius, con. V in. n. e., Latin poet. D. descended from African senatorial family. Received a thorough rhetorical education and practiced as an orator and lawyer in Carthage. Not preserved eulogy in honor of foreign rulers, perhaps the Byzantine emperor Zeno, was the reason that D. with the entire family was imprisoned by King of the Vandals Guntamundom (484-496). He was released only in the reign of Trazimunda (496-523), which glorify a lost poem. In conclusion, D. wrote a work in 158 elegiac distihah (perhaps in imitation of Aoi Umi no Tristia Ovid) Satisfaction (Satisfatio), in which, after a long prayer to God the poet repents his error and asked the angry king's forgiveness. Since the poem has failed to deliver on its expectations, D. written the same conclusion in another work, which brought him fame, praise the Lord (Laudes Dei), known for many centuries under the name Geksameron (Six Days of Creation). The 3 books of the poet praised the justice and mercy of God, . manifested in the creation of the world (I book), . safeguarded the world (II book) and his adaptation to life as people, . following God's will, . that was illustrated by examples from the Old Testament, . and people, . renowned for brave deeds, . What was most heroes of antiquity (III book),

A similar charity poet expects the ruler of the Vandals. The product is also known in the edited and reworked version of Eugenia Toledo (VII cent.). D. is the author of 10 small works on antique themes (9 written in hexameters, and 1 - in trochaic tetrameter), discovered in 1873,. and constituting a single collection under the title The Roman Song (Romulea), which included other works to date lost. Among the remaining, we can allocate 2 prothalamium (wedding songs), 2 essays on the teacher D. Felitsianu, and mythological works of Hylas and Hercules, as well as 2 epiliya about Helen and Medea. Stylistic similarities with Roman songs features found in 1858. The tragedy Orestes (Orestis tragoedia), which is not strictly speaking the drama, since D. expressed here tragic content in an epic form in 974 hexameter.

Sometimes D. wrongly attributed to 2 gekzametricheskih poems about months (De mensibus) and the Origin of Roses (De origine rosarum) and composition Disease Perdiccas (Aegritudo Perdicae), . which in 290 hexameter described Perdiccas unrequited love for his mother Castalia, . sent an angry young man on the goddess Venus,
. D. wrote traditional poetic language and knew not only the Scriptures, but the ancient authors, tried to follow the classic patterns. However, it lacks creativity and distinctive for its departures from the classical era rules, both in language and prosody in. On the poetic talent of the D. said first of all its main product Praise the Lord. Less valuable smaller works, combined in a collection of Roman songs. D. belongs to the most outstanding poets of his era. It was read to him and imitated, especially in Spain VII century.

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DRAKONTSY Blossom Aemilius (Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius), photo, biography
DRAKONTSY Blossom Aemilius (Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius), photo, biography DRAKONTSY Blossom Aemilius (Dracontius, Blossius Aemilius)  Latin Poet, photo, biography
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