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Orosius (Orosius)

( Latin Christian writer)

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Biography Orosius (Orosius)
Orosius; Orosius, mind. up to 423 g N. e., Latin Christian writer. Fleeing from his native Spain to Africa under the onslaught of vandals, the young priest on. 414 g. n. e. Augustine came to. In 415 g. through Egypt, he came to Palestine and in Jerusalem, spoke against Pelagius. In 416 g. returned to Africa and died there. - Retain two polemical essays on. In his treatise on the fallacies Caution Priscillian and followers of Origen (Commonitorium de errore Priscillianistarum et Origenistarum) O. presented in the form of a letter addressed to Augustine, his views on the soul and its origin in the book In Defense of the Faith against the pelagic (Liber aoplogeticus contra Pelagianos), he substantiated taken by them in 415 g. position of the enemy Pelagia. Fame of. brought written about. 417 g. historical work of seven history books against the pagans (Historiarum adversus paganos libri VII). Augustine persuaded About. some way to supplement his own work historiosophical City of the Lord with examples from world history to prove that all sorts of adversity, dropping out to people in pre-Christian period, was more severe than it is now.

In this way, O. tried to refute the opinion of the Gentiles, that the cause of all the difficulties and failures of Rome was forgetting the ancient Roman religion and the victory of Christianity. Numeric symbols revealed in the fission products of 7 books, modeled on the seven days of creation. The chronological structure (kn. I-VI - history before the birth of Christ, Prince. VII - history to the time of OA) was focused primarily on the Chronicles of Eusebius and Jerome. O. also used the works of Libya, Tacitus, Suetonius, Florus, Justin, Eutropius. Significant influence on O. Augustine had.. O. took away that testified in favor of his thesis, and in his writings can be found many inaccuracies and mistakes due to haste, a lot of rhetorical exaggeration. But O. was not only a copyist, as evidenced by self-written end product, which is an important source of learning about the era. Composing on. also complements our knowledge of those periods, details of which were in the lost parts of Libya, or works of Tacitus. However, it must be remembered that O. was not so much a historian as an apologist. His work pushed into the shadows earlier historical works Flora and Justin and influenced later historians.

Jordan or use the work of Isidore of Seville, O., which was a textbook of world history until the Middle Ages. In the IX. King Alfred was Old English version, as well as in the X. Arabic translation was carried. Historical work on. preserved in a large number of manuscripts, it is too early to be published by the end of the XVII century. stood for 25 publications.

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Orosius (Orosius), photo, biography
Orosius (Orosius), photo, biography Orosius (Orosius)  Latin Christian writer, photo, biography
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