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MARK Pakuvy (Pacuvius, Marcus)

( Roman tragedian)

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Biography MARK Pakuvy (Pacuvius, Marcus)
Pakuvy, Mark; Pacuvius, Marcus, ca. 220-OK. 131 years. BC. e., the Roman tragedian. Born in Brundizii. Ennia nephew, who, apparently, brought him to Rome and there led the development of his talent. In addition to the literature, P. was also engaged in painting, Pliny the Elder mentions a famous painting P. in the temple of Hercules. In Rome, where he spent almost all his life, P. maintained relations with the terms of Scipio. For eighty years old man he met on the stage with thirty Aktsiem. In late life he moved to Tarentum, where he was on his way to Asia, visited the Shares and read him his Atreus.

Among the literary works of P. an ancient tradition called satire, which - like satyrs Ennia - is a collection of poetic works of diverse content, from which nothing left. We know tragedy 13 titles; extant, and many fragments, only 425 verses. P. worked slowly, trying to catch up with the original Greek form the perfection. And if nnij paid special attention to processing dramas of Euripides, the P. likely to engage in the tragedies of Sophocles, which focus on the following pieces: Chrissi (Fr.), Hermione (Fr.), washing of the feet (Niptra; fr.) Tevtser (Fr.),. In a dispute about weapons (Armorium iudicium; fr.) He took a sample of Aeschylus.

Only Antiope (Fr.) is based on the respective tragedies of Euripides. It is evident from P. propensity to re-establish lesser-known versions of the myth. P. more likely to rely on the play, representing a later development of Euripides subjects, carried on the Roman scene Enniem. It was a conditional acceptance, which was to facilitate the audience perception of the intricate myths. Thus, Ilium (Iliona) associated with Euripides Hecuba, Atalanta (born) - with Meleager, Pentheus (Pentheus) - with the Bacchante, Medus - with the dramas of Euripides' Medea. Orest office (Dulorestes; fr.) Based on a play, perhaps, is a continuation of Electra Sophocles. A special place in the work of P. is fabula praetexta Paull (born), the plot is taken from the history of Rome. The hero of the drama was probably Aemilius Paull, winner of the Macedonian king Perseus (168 g.). Drama P. distinguished confusing plot, they often reflect more passion. Their heroes - often unarmed women and the elderly, especially the dethroned kings, such as Eet in Meduse. P. contrasted them cruel tyrants, that increased the impact on the audience. In accordance with the requirements of the Hellenistic declamatory art, he demanded from the actors the ability to read long narrative recitatives.

In his tragedies he talked about his travels Ulysses and colorful describing various natural phenomena; famous was his description of the storm at sea. Elevated tone of the tragedies P. answered their language, characterized by numerous neologisms and complex words, often polysyllabic, which, except in the tragedies and parody of their comedies, Latin does not allow. Pile of archaic forms of language gave P. unusual shade. Richness of style P. emphasized Varro, but he criticized the language of Cicero and Kvintillian; Horace calls him the elder scientist. Cicero believed P. greatest Roman tragedian, his plays acted on the most impressionable audience even in times of Persia (I in.), although the theater audience has long ceased to admire them.

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MARK Pakuvy (Pacuvius, Marcus), photo, biography
MARK Pakuvy (Pacuvius, Marcus), photo, biography MARK Pakuvy (Pacuvius, Marcus)  Roman tragedian, photo, biography
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