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Biography ARTSIMOVICH Leo A.
February 25 - 92 years since the birth of the outstanding scientist of Russia Lev Andreevich Artsimovich (1909-1973), head of the thermonuclear program in the Soviet Union and recognized leader of the world fusion program.

. Leo A. born in 1909 in Moscow, in 1928 he graduated from the Byelorussian University in Minsk from 1930 to 1944 he worked at the Leningrad Physico-Technical Institute
. In 1937 Artsimovich master's thesis, the theme of which was connected with the study of neutrons passing through matter, and two years - doctorate on the interaction of fast electrons with matter. The figures in her results, in particular, data on the dependence of the bremsstrahlung intensity and complete loss of the energy of fast electrons, brilliantly confirmed the conclusions and predictions made in the framework of quantum mechanics. Since 1944 Artsimovich worked at the Institute of Atomic Energy I.V.

Kurchatov (now Russia Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"). Since 1947 Artsimovich became a professor at Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, in 1946 was elected a corresponding member, and in 1953 - Academician of the Academy of Sciences.
. The main work of Leo Anlreevicha Artsimovicha performed in the field of atomic and nuclear physics, plasma physics and, of course, controlled thermonuclear reactions
. In 1935 Artsimovich with Kurchatov first time clearly demonstrated the possibility of neutron capture by a proton, in 1936 in collaboration with AI. Alikhanov and AI. Alikhanian proved that the momentum in the annihilation of an electron and positron. During the war Artsimovich worked on the creation of light amplifiers, . that subsequently led to the creation of electron-optical converters, . in the postwar years, together with the staff developed a method for electromagnetic isotope separation (USSR State Prize in 1953).,

. But the most prominent Artsimovich brought his work in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion (CTF), begun in the 50-ies
. For the discovery of the neutron emission of high-temperature plasma Artsimovich with employees received the Lenin Prize in 1958 goda.Nachinaya sixties, Artsimovich paid much attention to symmetric toroidal systems - Tokamak. Since his name is associated with raising the question of the influence of magnetic fields on the equilibrium of plasma in a tokamak and study the processes of thermal insulation of the plasma with ohmic heating. And the efforts of scientists finally succeed, years of painstaking, hard work brought their long-awaited fruits. In 1970, a thorough analysis of experimental data and control experiments allowed Artsimovich conclude that in the Tokamak T-3a for the first time in the world recorded sustained thermonuclear radiation the plasma. These works were also honored the USSR State Prize (1971).

. Lev Andreevich did not deny the possibilities and benefits of a reactor on the basis of other approaches, but believed that in the present tokamak - the shortest way to the reactors.
. Opening the seventh conference of the IAEA (1998) Director of the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) P
. Aymar said the outstanding contribution, LA. Artsimovicha in the world nuclear program. This is, firstly, the awareness of the need and implementation of broad international cooperation, and secondly - toroidal tokamak system, which now lie at the basis of the ITER project.

. The undeniable merits of Lev Andreevich is also the creation of schools of physicists in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion
. All who were fortunate to work under the direction of Lev Andreevich, remembered his ability to separate from experimental data to create a clear picture of the phenomenon, not contrary to the general laws of nature.

. Leo A. Artsimovich, scientist entirely devoted himself to science, remained a man, has a clear citizenship
. In 1966 he was among the 25-ty of science and culture, signed the letter to the Secretary of the CPSU LI. Brezhnev. a warning against the rehabilitation of Joseph Stalin.

. And to finish this essay I would like to have heard many a witty statement, the authorship of which popular rumor attributed to Lev Andreevich: "Science - the best way to satisfy personal curiosity at public expense.

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ARTSIMOVICH Leo A., photo, biography
ARTSIMOVICH Leo A., photo, biography ARTSIMOVICH Leo A.  Academic, photo, biography
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