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Biography KASATKINA Vasiliy
photo KASATKINA Vasiliy
Director since 1930 Mr.. by 1934.

Born in County Chuhlomskom Kostroma province in a working class family. He graduated from St. Petersburg Institute for Teachers. As a student in 1912. began participating in revolutionary activities in the social-democratic circles. Since 1918. member of the RCP (B.). In April 1919. voluntarily went to the Eastern Front Red Army privates. During his stay in the Red Army occupied the post of Chief of Political Department of the Caucasus and Western fronts, and Assistant Chief of Political Department of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR. In November 1924. started work at MSU in position to supernumerary lecturer in physics and mathematics faculty in the department of "The Soviet system of public education". Since 1925. worked in the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR as deputy head of the Main Committee of Vocational Education (Glavprofobr) and the Chief orgplanovogo Management. In 19291930 he. was the director of the Don Polytechnical Institute.

. Home Kasatkina director's term coincided with a period of public policies on the "unbundling" of universities, . initiators which assumed, . that "the reorganization will simplify the structure of universities, . facilitate the operational management of, . closely linking universities with relevant hozorganami and will enhance the pace of preparation of such importance to the socialist construction of the teaching staff.,

. In this regard, in 1931
. on the basis of Soviet law faculty of Moscow State University have been established outside the university structure of the Institute of Soviet Law and the Institute of Soviet Construction, . then all the faculties have been converted to offices, . with historical-philosophical department was allocated an independent Moscow Institute of Philosophy, . Literature and History (MIFLI) in the People's Commissariat of the RSFSR.,

. At the end of 1930
. early 1931. was the transition to not justified itself in the future so-called "active method of teaching", and exams replaced by a collective record of the teams "exploring" their training sessions.

. In connection with the allocation of many university departments, . Chairs, . specializations problem for users of library fund, . and director Vasiliy made a proposal to transfer Fundamental Library as "serving not only MSU, . but other universities and institutions, . under the direct supervision of the scientific sector Narcompros.,

. But reformist distortions are gradually being overcome, and in early 1933
. already restored the faculty system, consisting of university formation of Mechanics and Mathematics, chemical, physical, biological, soil and geography departments, as well as workers' school. In June 1933,. Resolution of People's Commissars of the RSFSR, Moscow State University library is included in the network of research libraries on the rights of research institutions with the provision of the right to receive compulsory copies of books on subjects taught at the university.

. In the new environment in every way the director insists on strengthening the scientific work of the University and its Institute, . on the expansion of comprehensive research, . to strengthen links with institutes of the Academy of Sciences and related industry research institutes, . in establishing cooperation with the peripheral universities and assistance to researchers.,
. Many forces gave Kasatkin struggle for the liberation of departmental areas of the State University of unauthorized persons and organizations for the provision of apartments needy researchers and for ensuring that students dormitory, food and manufactured goods.

. As professor of pedagogy, director Vasiliy emphasized that "the University should become a model laboratory teaching (including methodological) thought in the country"
. He drew attention to "the role of Chairs, . as centers of methodical work, . and pedkafedry, . as center, . combining this work, . who asks that in this particular area of research character, . rallying on this basis teaching and student activists, and organizing assistance to young teachers and students pedpraktiku.,

. In dismissing the Director Kasatkin was announced thanks to People's Commissar of Education A
. S. Bubnov "exceptionally vigorous and fruitful work to improve all aspects of the activities of the University.

The fate of Vasily Nikolaevich Kasatkin requires special research search. It is known that the order of the Moscow State University on 27 November 1934. He was relieved of his post as professor in the department of pedagogy "in connection with the appointment to another post with the departure from Moscow". In phonebook from 1940 g. still appear on his name and home address in Moscow.

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KASATKINA Vasiliy, photo, biography
KASATKINA Vasiliy, photo, biography KASATKINA Vasiliy  Scientific, photo, biography
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