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Corrado Gabriele (Gabriel Corrado)

( Actor)

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Biography Corrado Gabriele (Gabriel Corrado)
photo Corrado Gabriele (Gabriel Corrado)
Know the language and wants to be a racing driver, Formula 1, however, Gabriel Corrado - one of the brightest stars serials Latin America. Married, three children. However, this does not hinder his devotees from around the world each time falling in love with his idol.

. Faith: Catholic
. Favorite football team: River Plate
. Education: secondary, and two and a half year of the Medical University
. Languages: Italian, some French and English
. Film: "The Light in hell" with Robert De Niro
. Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts and Isabelle Adjani
. Cast: Al Pacino and Robert De Niro
. Telenovela: "Black Pearl"
. Music: any
. Weaknesses: sweet
. If it had not been an actor, by whom: a Formula 1 racer
. With mind: very calm, but it's not, he is seething inside like a volcano, and at some point may explode

. Born December 12, 1964
. Real name Gabriel Andres Andreachi (Gabriel Andres Andreachi). Corrado - a name his mother and his stage name. According to the sign of the zodiac it is Sagittarius, and on the Chinese Zodiac - Rat. March 10, 1989 he married Constanza Feraud, it is an agent, four years younger than him. He has three children: Lucas Andres, Maria Lucia and the youngest, Clara. Gabriel's mother - a teacher, and father - an employee, also has two brothers: Fernando - writer, Guillermo - writer and publisher. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. Height 1,80, weight 77 kilos and 42 shoe size. Friends call him Gabo or Gable.

He first debuted in the theater in the play 'The path to the imagination' (Un camino hacia imaginacion) 1982. The first work on television was in the same 82 year film called 'blue trousers' (Pantalones Azules). Then came roles in telenovelas' I want to die, . tomorrow '(Quero morir manana, . 1987) with Ruben Ballester, . Alicia Zanka and Marian Carr; 'I love you' (Amandote 1, . 1988), . (La Extracta Dama, . 1989), . 'I love you' (Amandote 2, . 1990), . 'Manuela' (Manuela, . 1991), . 'I, . Gina '(Soy Gina, . 1992), . 'Princess' (Princessa) with Marikarmen Regueyro, . 'First Love' (Primer Amor) with Grecia Kolmenaris, . and reached the status of international stars from the movie 'girl' (Chiquititas); 'Black Pearl' (Perla Negra) and 'Gypsy' (Zingara) with Andrea del Boca,
. Together with Paola Krum starred in the mini-series "Archangel" in 1996. In 1997 was working with Vivian Sakkone in "Man of the Sea."
. After the success of "First Love" in Spain, Gabriel is going there with offers of work, and in 1994 received a leading position in the program "Vivan los novios", which has a viewing audience of 7 million people
. He also leads the New Year transfer along with Claudia Schiffer, a program called "The Great Fiesta", which shows the music from all over Europe and a mini-program that runs about three minutes, which told of how removed telenovela.

In 1998, he removed all there, in Spain, in the series "Mediterranean" (Mediterraneo).

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    Corrado Gabriele (Gabriel Corrado), photo, biography
    Corrado Gabriele (Gabriel Corrado), photo, biography Corrado Gabriele (Gabriel Corrado)  Actor, photo, biography
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