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Astronaut Russia. Born August 16, 1939 in the city of Komsomolsk-na-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai. After 8 classes, studied engineering in college. After serving in the Soviet Army. In 1961 he entered, and in 1966 graduated from the Moscow Institute of Forestry Engineering. As was assigned to work in OKB-1 (now - RSC Energia). In 1973 he enlisted in the detachment of Soviet cosmonauts (1973 a group of civilian experts? 9). It has been a full course of general space training and preparation for space flight in the craft of the Soyuz and the type of orbital stations Salyut (DOS). His first space flight made from 9 to 11 October 1977, together with Vladimir Vasilyevich Kovalenko as flight engineer of Soyuz-25 ". The flight program included docking with the orbital station Salyut-6 "and work aboard the station. Because of the failure on board the ship docked and the flight was canceled prematurely terminated. Length of stay in space was 2 days 44 minutes 45 seconds. In the future, continued preparations for a new space flight.

He was a member of the backup crew (together with Vladimir Afanasievich LYAKHOV) spacecraft Soyuz29 "when starting June 15, 1978. February 25, 1979 for the second time was launched into space as a flight engineer of Soyuz-32 "(together with Vladimir Afanasievich LYAKHOV). During the 175 days he worked on board the orbital station Salyut-6 "(the longest at that time, the space flight). August 15, 1979, together with Vladimir Afanasievich LYAKHOV made unscheduled exit into open space, where he held office caught on structural elements of the space station antenna radio telescope of MCT-10. Length of stay in the open space of 1 hour 23 minutes. August 19, 1979 returned to Earth aboard Soyuz-34 ". Length of stay in space was 175 days 35 minutes 37 seconds. Trained for the new mission of the backup crew of spacecraft "Soyuz-35" (with Anatoly N. BIRCH). Due to the illness of a member of the main crew Valentin V. LEBEDEV, was moved from backup to the main crew. April 9, 1980 for the third time was launched into space as a flight engineer of Soyuz-35 "(with Leonid Ivanovich Popov). He worked on board the orbital station Salyut-6 ".

October 11, 1980 returned to Earth aboard Soyuz-37 ". Length of stay in space was 184 days 20 hours 11 minutes 35 seconds. Over 3 flights flown in space 361 days 21 hours 31 minutes 57 seconds. Later he worked in Mission Control Center. In 1987 he resigned from the cosmonaut corps. In 1997, passed a medical commission and received permission to fly on American ships system "Space Shuttle". Likely make a space flight in April - May 1998.

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union's Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on 19 August 1979 and October 11, 1980). Awarded 3 orders of Lenin and medals. The hero of the Hungarian People's Republic (1980). Hero of Labor of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (1980). Hero of the Republic of Cuba (1980). He was awarded many foreign orders and medals. Awarded a gold medal Tsiolkovsky Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Honorary member of the International Academy of Astronautics (1980).

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RYUMIN Valery, photo, biography
RYUMIN Valery, photo, biography RYUMIN Valery  Astronaut Russia, photo, biography
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