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SIM Lydia Andreyevna

( Read the lecture course 'Methods of studying the tectonic stress', participated in the study of geological and geomorphological practice)

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Biography SIM Lydia Andreyevna
photo SIM Lydia Andreyevna
Sim Andreyevna Lydia was born January 17, 1941, Mr.. in with. п?п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦ Tselinograd Region. Graduated from the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University (1966). Specialty: geological survey and prospecting of mineral deposits.

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1980), Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1996). Senior Research Fellow Department of Dynamic Geology Geological Faculty (1988).

. Member of the section "Experimental tectonics and structural geology" Interagency Tectonic Committee, RAS (1993).

. Basic scientific interests: the study of neotectonic and contemporary stresses and faults of different ranks for the solution of theoretical and practical problems of geology
. Based on field data set features tectonophysical tectonic stresses the local level in fault zones (1979, . 1980), . identified a special type of stress state on the ground junction fractures, . called a variation of the form of stress state (VVNS),
. Has attachment of deposits and manifestations of rock crystal Polar Urals to the areas with VVNS (1982.1983). The structural-geomorphological method for the reconstruction of tectonic stress enclosed platform areas (1991), . was the first map of neotectonic stress of the East European platform and frame structures, scale 1:2 500 000,
. First set, . that the neotectonic stage of the eastern part of the West European Epipaleozoic plate and west of the Russian plate, . as well as Russia's part of the Baltic Shield deformed during regional horizontal compression sublatitudinal, . conditioned by rifting in the North Atlantic (1991, . 1995),
. Showed that the north of the Russian plate and Pechora Epipaleozoic plate deformed at submeridional horizontal compression related to rifting in the Arctic Ocean 1991). Has an unstable orientation of the axes of the stress of the newest type of regional stress field in the south of the East European Platform, . caused by the presence of large structural inhomogeneities on the platform, . and the close proximity of the complex morphology of the boundaries of the Alpine belt,
. Identified the boundaries of the influence of processes of rifting in the Atlantic and Arctic basins and orogenic processes, the Caucasus and the Carpathians on the formation of neotectonic structures of the East European Platform, . Pechora, . Scythian and Western European Epipaleozoic plates,
. Found that the boundaries of the impact of global orogeny on the platform does not depend on the age of the basement of platforms, and associated with the power of the lithosphere and heat flow (1996). Results of reconstruction of neotectonic stresses included in the component on the International map of tectonic stress Worldwide, . data for the study of neotectonic stress and related fractures are used in selecting sites for construction of the Karelian, . Pechora, . Belarusian nuclear power plant (1990, . 1994), . the exploration of polymetallic deposits of the Norilsk (Joint,
. with EV Kalinin, VV Kovalko et al, 1995), in identifying the relationship of modern karst with geodynamic situation in the region Nizhneokskom (Joint. with NV Makarova, and VI Makarov, 1996), in assessing the modern geodynamics of the burial sites of radioactive waste. Topic of Ph.D. thesis: "Identification of the latest activated faults in slaboobnazhennyh areas (for example, the zone of junction Mezenskaya Syneclise and Middle Timan). Subject doctoral dissertation: "tectonic stresses of the East European platform and frame structures."

. Taught courses "Methods for the study of tectonic stress, participated in the study of geological and geomorphological practices.

. She has published about 50 scientific works.

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SIM Lydia Andreyevna, photo, biography
SIM Lydia Andreyevna, photo, biography SIM Lydia Andreyevna  Read the lecture course 'Methods of studying the tectonic stress', participated in the study of geological and geomorphological practice, photo, biography
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