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Vadkovsky Vsevolod Nikolaevich

( Leading researcher, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory simulation of geodynamic processes)

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Biography Vadkovsky Vsevolod Nikolaevich
Vadkovsky Vsevolod Nikolayevich Senior Researcher, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory simulation of geodynamic processes.

In 1957. entered and in 1963. graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University, was qualified as a physicist.

After was left at the Faculty of Physics at the Department of Physics, worked in parallel at the Department of Physics of the Earth. Conducted seminars and workshops on general physics at the Faculty of Physics. Conducting a pilot study of the effect of pressure on the magnetic properties of rocks. Participated in field work tectonic detachment IPE in the Caucasus.

In 1965. enrolled in the graduate school of the Institute of Earth Physics of the USSR. Subject of the thesis - "Some magnetic characteristics of rocks under pressure". Lectures on magnetism of rocks at the Department of Earth Physics, Physics Department, Moscow State University. In 1966 and 1967. participated in field work at the Garm test site IPE USSR Academy of Sciences to study the magnetic precursors of earthquakes, in particular related to local anomalies of secular variation of the magnetic field. The thesis is successfully defended in 1968

. After finishing graduate school worked as a senior fellow at the Institute of Fossil Energy of the Ministry of Coal Industry and the USSR in the laboratory of magnetic water treatment and water systems, . where he headed a group of experimental studies of the physical properties of water under the influence of magnetic field,
. Had the good fortune to make sure, . what, . in accordance with the basic laws of physics, . such properties of pure water as the dielectric constant, . magnetic susceptibility, . viscosity does not depend on the magnetic field, . and "magnetic water" nothing, . as misleading or simply ignorance.,

. From 1971 to 1989
. worked in the World Data Center for Geophysical Committee of the Presidium of the USSR, created and headed B2 WDC for Solid Earth Physics. Engaged in a system for collecting, storing, processing and distribution of geophysical data: seismic, gravity, magnetic (main field and paleomagnetic), heat flux, modern movements. Since 1973. involved in organization of computer databases of geophysical data and data management systems. Simultaneously conducted research in the field of paleomagnetism and rock magnetism.

In 1989. the contest went to work at the Department of Dynamic Geology of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University, where he worked on currently, zaveduya laboratory simulation of geodynamic processes.

. Developed courses in applied mathematics for geologists, computer applications in geology and paleomagnetism
. Organized workshop working on computers for students of the Department of Dynamic Geology. Have led the course and diploma works of students and postgraduates

. Terms of scientific interests include: the study of the seismic regime, in particular, the fine structure of seismicity in subduction zones, the study of the evolution of nonlinear dynamic systems modeling of geodynamic processes, analysis of paleomagnetic data.

. Since 1962
. I am an active participant in Moscow Seminar on paleomagnetism and rock magnetism.
Posted on about 80 works.

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Vadkovsky Vsevolod Nikolaevich, photo, biography
Vadkovsky Vsevolod Nikolaevich, photo, biography Vadkovsky Vsevolod Nikolaevich  Leading researcher, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory simulation of geodynamic processes, photo, biography
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