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Sultan Galiev Mirsaev

( revolutionist)

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Biography Sultan Galiev Mirsaev
Born in 1892 in the Tatar village Kyrmyskaly Ufa province, in the teacher's family. Having received his early education in rural school, . Mirsaev sent to Kazan, . where she was studying at the Pedagogical College, . then working as a teacher, . librarian, . acts Tatar periodicals, . actively involved in student revolutionary movement 'Islah'.,
. After the defeat of the revolution in 1905 Sultan Galiev moved to Baku
. Here he works as a teacher and librarian, stands in the press. His revolutionary activities in Baku is highly appreciated by Nariman Narimanov.

In May 1917 Sultan Galiev participates in the All-Russia Muslim congress in Moscow, and his chosen All-Russia Muslim Council. In July of that year he returned to Kazan, approaches it with Mullanurom Vakhitov, along with participating in the creation of the Muslim Socialist Committee (MSC), the political program of which coincided with the program of the Bolsheviks. In November 1917 he joined the Bolshevik Party.

After organizing in 1917 the People's Commissariat of Nationalities (Narkomnats), headed by rose I.V. Stalin, to guide the Muslim section of the Narkomnats Stalin invited Sultan Galiev. In the political career of the latter it was a decisive turning.

January 19, 1918 at Narkomnats was established by the Central Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Muslims of Russia and Siberia (mus), was appointed chairman of its M. Vakhitov, as a representative of the RCP (b) at the police worked Sultan Galiev. In June 1918 was established Central Muslim Military Collegium (Tsentrmusvoenkollegiya). Sultan Galiev became the first chairman Tsentrmusvoenkollegii. Muscovite engaged directly in the printed political propaganda among Muslims in Soviet Russia.

In May 1918 the Central Committee of the RCP (b) convene in Moscow, a preparatory meeting of the Constituent Congress of the future of the Tatar-Bashkir Soviet Republic (TBSR)
. March 23, 1919 by agreement with the Soviet government Bashkir nationalist government (Bashrevkomom), . which was headed by Ahmed Zaki-Walid, . proclaims the creation of the Bashkir Soviet Republic, May 27, 1920 decree of the Central Executive Committee and published by SNK on Education of the Republic of Tatarstan,

The reason for the charges Sultan Galiev of nationalism, Pan-Turkic and Pan-served, the desire to take into account the specific practices of social psychology representatives of the oppressed peoples of the East. Most of them were carriers of the ideology of the variety of revolutionary democracy, which arose not from the class struggle in its pure form, but largely from the struggle for national liberation, anti-colonial. To find a common language with these revolutionary democrats Sultan Galiev offered to provide the communist East, the relative autonomy, . to work with leaders of the national liberation movement, the difficult task of 'translation' of scientific socialism in relation to local conditions of the East,

Sultan Galiev belongs to the most interesting attempt to combine in nationalism, Marxism and Islam in the calculation of the possibility of overthrowing imperialism international revolutionary movement of the East. Revolution in the East, according to Sultan Galiev should be number of features different from the revolution in the West.

December 8, 1939 M. Sultan Galiev condemned to capital punishment - execution by shooting.

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Sultan Galiev Mirsaev, photo, biography
Sultan Galiev Mirsaev, photo, biography Sultan Galiev Mirsaev  revolutionist, photo, biography
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