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Andrej Chezhin

( Photographer)

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or Conformity ...

Don Castaneda talked about the point of assembly of the world, knowing that we can, exerting effort in the right place, as a lever to turn the whole world of Pythagoras. If the assemblage point is not valid or is already falling out of the existing system of coordinates (overgrown by the way, around the ney), then it must change. It is likely that the transfer of the assemblage point of the world, its center, is accompanied by a change in values, images, and the center can be ... something else.

Whether this philosophy is applicable to the consideration of the St. Petersburg photographer? Does not it seem it too ... kospomolitichna and kosmogonichna, so that is not applicable to the things created in Russia? But often quoting Bart of Russian photography, at some point come to the wisdom of the Aztecs and pervokontinent Pangloss emerges from the ocean values.

Mr. Rodchenko in the years 1927-29 opened for Russian photography importance of mounting. For his installation was a way of emphasizing the meanings of objects, alignment pictorial sentences. Mindful of his hard-contour overlay and docks forms, it is possible to pass photos Andrei Chezhin as non-erection.

. Once upon a time in the 1970 Soviet art theorists (among them Gerchuk, Stigneev, Dyko) tried to create a special course on the installation of photographic books, with tables, semantic, compositional, associative editing pages., But the attempt failed
. Anyway thanks.

Years later, Andrew tsat Chezhin, formed master palimpsests meaning pictures, went to the simplest form of attachment - a number of. The idea of mounting approached its final form - the form of compounds, with-touch, light touch, without violating the harmonic unity of each element. On the other hand, meaningful only begins to touch two formal pictures.

. Form mounting survive and interpretation Chezhin as rodchenkovskuyu survived the Reformation after installation using only a mechanical expansion of the image.

. Twilight-crack between the worlds
. Don Carlos was confident that talks about space. It is possible that subjects (or their absence), cutting the middle of the photos show the same sharp piercing the plane (photo). Especially when paired images visible to "enter" through the image through a secant-cutting, piercing object plane.

. What's new with you, Mr. Photographer, dock images? Castaneda dreamed or released to walk outside of St. Petersburg, the direction of Moscow, the search for meaning?

. Rena Gvozdev

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  • holographinya for Andrej Chezhin
  • Hello, very much want to work with you poznakomtsya.Vashi simply wonderful and an appeal to Asher led us to delight! Fact, . that we are engaged in holography and very much want, . hologram to amaze viewers with not only the volume of images, . but artistic sense, . and without the help of artists, . we do not get, . please, . pay attention to us, . we are very interested in technique and not so ... in an artistic sense,
    . Ludmila
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