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CERRO Michel (Michel Serrault)

( Actor)

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Biography CERRO Michel (Michel Serrault)
photo CERRO Michel (Michel Serrault)
Michel Serrault was born Jan. 24, 1928 in Bruno, Essonne, France. Comic characters are played back in the Lyceum Theater. Then visit the Drama Center on the street Blanche, from which goes to the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, began working in the troupe P. Deri. In 50-ies up with M. Poiret popular pop duo. ZH. Poiret write to them play "Cage chudikov" which, having played 1500 times on stage be postponed and then on the screen (La cage aux folles. Director of the film E. Molinaro, 1978, Prize "Cesar for her role). His role transvestite Zaza in this performance and the film is considered the standard. It is no accident followed by two more films about the "insane", from time to time worse.

For many years, Cerro played in cinema Distinguishing roles, was a prisoner of his comedic masks. Nobody expected that it is hidden under a talented actor who could play all. So after the movie "The Hunt for man" E. Molinaro (La Chasse A L'homme, 1964), "freedom behind" (La Liberte En Croupe, 1970) E. Molinaro, a caustic comedy M. Yanna "The Chinese in Paris" (Les Chinoisd a Paris, 1984) and a K. Zidi in "Big Bazaar" (Le Grand Bazar, 1973), he makes a decisive turn in the direction of a genre, a different perspective. Michel Serrault for human "double bottom", the characters on the verge of psychopathology.

And so he plays a scene in the movie "Appetizers" (Buffet Froid, 1979) B. Blier - a man to kill (apparently), the main character, then the murderer of his wife, who were facing the window in the movie "Heads or Tails" (Pile Ou Face, 1980) P. Enrico. He was a brilliant notary, who faces charges of homicide and girls who, filled with contempt for biased investigator, takes the blame himself in the movie "Under the preliminary investigation" to. Miller (Garde A Vue, 1981, Prize "Cesar for her role), he played a detective who hunts a woman, which sees his daughter, and whose crimes cover -" Death Trip "To. Miller (Mortelle Randonnee, 1983).

In "dying only twice" (On Ne Meurt Que Deux Fois, 1985) F. Dere, where he was an investigator, who in the interest of disclosure of secret murder puts "skin" killed. Not scruple to use and clean comedy, for example, "Happiness in the Meadow" E. Shatileza (Le Bonheur Est Dans Le Pre, 1996), he also plays the role of an aging publisher, met the great love for young Nellie, but gives way to a young rival ( "Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud" K. Come, Nelly Et Mr. Arnaud, 1995, Prize "Cesar for her role), and in the movie M. Kassovitz "murderer / murderers" (Assasin (s)) in 1997 played a dangerous murderer, seeking to attach to his "fishing", to his philosophy of life, a young boy.

. All these diverse roles, can legitimately speak of "the phenomenon of Cerro," which, despite the years, is one of the most interesting actors of the older generation
. His generous praises critic of France rightly calls a genius.


Winner in the categories:
Best Director
1996 - Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud / Nelly Et Mr. Arnaud
. 1982 - Under the preliminary investigation / Garde A Vue
. 1979 - Cage chudikov / Cage Aux Folles

. Belfegor - Phantom of the Louvre
. / Belphegor - Le fantome du Louvre, 2001
. Actors
. / Acteurs, Les, 2000
. Libertine
. / Libertin, Le, 2000
. The killer / killers
. / Assassin (s), 1997
. Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud
. / Nelly Et Mr
. Arnaudb 1995
Under the preliminary investigation
/ Garde A Vue, 1981
Cage chudikov
/ Cage Aux Folles, 1978

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CERRO Michel (Michel Serrault), photo, biography
CERRO Michel (Michel Serrault), photo, biography CERRO Michel (Michel Serrault)  Actor, photo, biography
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