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Nagibin Yuri Markovich

( Writer, journalist)

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Biography Nagibin Yuri Markovich
Nagibin Yuri Markovich (1920 - 1994), novelist, journalist.
. Born on April 3 in Moscow, in pure ponds, domestic servant.

. At 8 years, after his parents' divorce, stayed with his mother, which "must be the fundamental qualities of his human and creative personality"
. In the literary education owes its stepfather, a writer.

Nagibin not immediately found himself, his vocation. In his youth interested in soccer, he even predicted a great future in this field. Stepfather told him to write stories, drawing attention to his talent to submit their impressions of what they saw and heard easily and with humor. Once the future writer attempted to write the story, which was unsuccessful, but the process of writing captured the youth.

. But after graduation he enrolled in medical school (the desires of the mother), but remains in high school only until the end of the first session
. At this time VGIK open reception at the Faculty of scenario, where Nagibin passes. Education is given to him easily, the time to write short stories, essays, reviews, articles - plenty. In 1940 was published his first story.

Finish VGIK not - the war broke. Went to the front. Knowledge of German decided his fate - he was sent to the Division VII PU (Counter-) Volkhov Front, which had not only to fulfill their direct duties, but also to fight with weapons in their hands, and out of the environment. All the impressions and observations of life after the front went into his war stories.

In November 1942 was wounded, returned to Moscow to end the war he worked in the newspaper "Trud". As correspondent visited Stalingrad, near Leningrad, during the liberation of Minsk, Vilnius and Kaunas.

In 1943 published a collection of prose works "Man from the Front". Admitted to the Union of Writers. Correspondent impressions included in stories, a compilation of "Big Heart", "Two forces", etc.

. After the war was engaged in journalism, but not leaving work in prose: short stories "Tube", "Winter Oak" were very popular.

. Mid-1950 was very fruitful: one after another fall storybooks Man and the Road "," Pure ponds "," distant and near, "" Early Spring ".

. Once at the invitation of his friend was going to Meschera for duck hunting, and Meshcherskaya theme enters his life and work
. Written collections of short stories: "The pursuit. Mechsherskie were "(1963)," The green bird with red head "(1966).

. In the 1980 Nagibin wrote a cycle of stories about "great" (Goethe, Bach, Tiutchev, Leskov, and others).

. Many forces Nagibin gives movies, writing scripts such famous films as "President", "Director", "The Red Tent," "Tchaikovsky", "Guest Night" and others
. Working for television, made several documentaries about the life and work of Lermontov, Aksakov, I. Annenskaya, A. Golubkina.

Worked Nagibin until the end of his days. Even after his death came autobiographical prose writer - "Darkness at the end of the tunnel", "My mother-in-law of gold". He died in Moscow on 17 April 1994.

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Nagibin Yuri Markovich, photo, biography
Nagibin Yuri Markovich, photo, biography Nagibin Yuri Markovich  Writer, journalist, photo, biography
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