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Eulogius (George Vasyl) (April 10, 1868, Mr.. Somov Odoevskogo y. Tula Province. - August 8, 1946, Paris). From the priest's family. He graduated from the spiritual uch-School in g. Belev (1882) and Tula Seminary (1888), the first pupil, then - the Theological Academy in Moscow (1892) masters (dissertation - about Tikhon Zadonsk). A monk and ordained monks (1895). Rector Kholmskoj Seminary (1897-1902), bishop of Lublin, Vicar пгп+п¦п+я¦п¦п+-Warsaw diocese (1903-05). Since 1905, the Bishop of Chelm and Lublin, since 1912 Archbishop. Affairs. 2-3rd State. Doom. In the 2 nd State. Duma joined a group of monarchists, nationalists, a member of RGM. Commission in the 3rd - a member of several committees: zakonodat. assumptions, beliefs, Old Believers and land. From being an MP in the 4 th State. Duma refused. Always supported Prospect of. Together with his friends Sergius (Stragorodsky) and Anthony (Khrapovitsky) treated G.E. Rasputin contempt. In May 1914 the Archbishop of Volyn and Zhytomyr. In 1914-17 more than once been on the front, all the while living in the war area.
After the February. Revolution of 1917 ... started against me hounding. Called the "Black Hundred", "starorezhimnikom" - recalled Eulogius. In terms of his political convictions, I was a monarchist ... Monarchy, beliefs I have formed organically, under the influence of a number of conditions and circumstances of my life "(" Metropolitan Eulogius. The path of my life ", Paris, 1954, with. 171-72). 1-J free diocesan clergy Volyns'ke Congress on April 14 expressed confidence in him and asked SW. Synod to leave it in Volyn "as Archbishop loved, respected and sincerely desired to Orthodox people" (ibid.,. 287). Eulogius wrote about those days: "Feb. roar-tion has caused a roar. fermentation in the diocese. Arm. workers ... scary mad face "," Rus .... life began falling apart and chaos "(ibid.,. 291, 299). Participated in the preparation of CB. Cathedral Pravosl. Ros. Church (opened August 15.). At the Council Eulogius was elected before. Department of worship, preaching and churches. Art Society (questions iconography, architecture, music and singing tserk.-ist. Antiquity). "... A frenzied campaign against the Bolsheviks" oppressors, "Binge his political passions ... such is the atmosphere in a swarm, we have worked on the Cathedral (ibid.,. 299).

13 Nov.. Eulogius funeral killed in October. armament. Restore. Moscow cadets: breath of the spirit of the Bolshevik hatred and destruction - that's what we feel when in high elation came from the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin "(ibid.,. 305). December 7 elected a member of the Holy Synod.

Once in Kiev, which was occupied by Germany, December 4. 1918 Eulogius was arrested SV. Petlyura along with Anthony, exported to Poland, then to Austria and Romania. At the request of the Entente countries in 9 months. released in Sept.. 1919 returned to Novorossiysk. He worked in the Supreme TSerk. Office in Novocherkassk, Yekaterynoslav. January 19. 1920 he emigrated to Serbia. In 1921, Patriarch Tikhon gave parishes in West. Europe in the conduct of the Archbishop of Volyn. Eulogius settled in Paris, gradually came to realize that declared "apolitical" church and proclaimed independence and autonomy Zap.-Europe. Eng. Orthodox. Church. In 1922, Patriarch Tikhon elevated him to the rank of metropolitan. Eulogius organized in Paris Theological Institute, where he taught AV. Kartashov, S.N. Bulgakov. During the 2-nd World. war and occupation of France, behaved like Russian. patriot and one of the first in 1945 received a joint. passport.

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Eulogius, photo, biography
Eulogius, photo, biography Eulogius  Spiritual leader, photo, biography
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