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Comments for Eugene LARMANS
Biography Eugene LARMANS
Eugene Larmans (18b4-1940). Education Belgian independent independent state in 1830 was accompanied by the rise of national consciousness. Democratic ideas and sentiments that were prevalent in Belgian society, identified a whole tradition of art in Belgium XIX - early XX century. Prominent among the artists of this direction took Eugц¬ne Larmans, one of the most prominent artists Democrats the XIX-XX centuries. Larmans studied at the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts, was formed under the influence of J. Portal, a teacher who brought up a number of significant artists. All his art Larmans dedicated image Belgian villages and working-class suburbs, their inhabitants. His world is characterized by very names of his paintings, "The Emigrants", "Beggars," "Blind," "sick child". The dramatic conflict in the heart of many works Larmansa and provides them a strong impact on the viewer.

Many of the paintings of the artist bears the stamp of tragic depression. Of course, this is largely due to the dramatic circumstances of the master himself - losing a child due to illness hearing and speech, Larmans lived under the threat of loss of vision. However, acute mortifying experience he was looking for and as an artist.

Larmans portrayed that, living on the outskirts of the city, he saw every day: peasants with carts loaded with vegetables, workers carrying their tools. He showed that the heavy, backbreaking labor distorts the human form, puts on his characteristic imprint. Individuals with gross features of the sullen and resemble one another, clothing, placing a heavy large folds, giving a monumental figure.

. Larmans - artist epic warehouse, he tells universal social drama, creating a collective image of desert land and wander through it, no man has found a refuge
. Peasants and workers Larmansa, depicted them cripples and beggars inhabit bare, forlorn terrain, alien and hostile to man. Factory buildings resemble prisons, houses, surrounded by stunted trees, looking huts.

The artist's canvases are often very large. They are covered with a lifeless, deathly pale green or white light. Painting style is smooth, the figure is not sharp, nervous.

. Larmans masterfully builds the track, bringing their characters in the expressive group, zigzag roads or rivers diversifying dreary and monotonous terrain, forcing the viewer's eye to move in the picture as it should be an artist.

. Elected Larmansom theme show not only his commitment to the democratic tradition in Belgian art of the XIX century
. They do this wizard successor of staroniderlandskoy painting XVI century, and especially of the great master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Effect staroniderlandskogo art shows and special solemnity Larmansa paintings, their poetry, restraint, while high concentration of emotion.

. Total archaization techniques, simplifying and flattening of forms, large format paintings, turning them into panels, and active use of symbols indicate the perception of living Larmansom artistic tastes characteristic of the XIX-XX centuries.

. In the painting "The Blind" - one of his most important works - Larmans appealed to the traditional theme breygelevskoy blind with a guide, . which embodies the artist and the idea, . that man groping, . blindly wandering into hostile world, . and the idea of internal, . spiritual, . more true of,
. Winding in the huge empty space strip road - a symbol of a long and difficult way of life man.

Eugene Larmans was widely known not only as a painter. He was fond of engraving - etching technique and the soft lacquer, became one of the founders of unreleased in Belgium beginning of XX century art magazines "for the sake of art" and "Art of Today".

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Eugene LARMANS, photo, biography
Eugene LARMANS, photo, biography Eugene LARMANS  Artist, photo, biography
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