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Saints Boris Vladimirovich

( Prince)

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Biography Saints Boris Vladimirovich
Sv. Boris Vladimirovich (kol.5)

From the kind of Rurik. Son St.. Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Half-brother of St.. Gleb. Kn. Rostov in 1010 - 1015 he.

+ 24 July 1015, Mr..


According to historical records, the mother of Boris was a certain "bolgarynya". However, Solovyov, followed Tatishchev, believes that his mother was a Byzantine princess Anna. During this talk and blooming youth, Boris and Vladimir special love for him. Father loved him more than other sons and kept to himself, what was clear his intention to give him the throne of Kiev. Desire to this, however, was not destined to be fulfilled.

In 1015, Pechenegs went to war against Russia, and Vladimir sent against them with all the retinue of Boris, and he started to hurt badly and died soon. Pasynok it Svyatopolk, was earlier in exile in Vyshegorod immediately seized power and villages in Kiev. Convening Kiev, he began to cajole their gifts. The people of Kiev took the money, but their heart is not lying to the new prince. Everyone was waiting for that would make Boris.

Meanwhile, Boris, not finding Pechenegs returned with his troops to Kiev. Along the way came to him the news of the death of Vladimir. Boris stopped by the river Alta, and was bitterly lament his. Father's squad advised him: "Do you have enough soldiers, go and sit in Kiev on his father's table". But Boris was responsible advisers: "Do not raise hands on his older brother. Kolya died in my father, older brother will let me Vice father ". Hearing this, the soldiers went. Boris remained at Alta one, with few servants.

Sviatopolk sent a message to Boris: "I want to be with you love. Besides, that gave you a father, I will add you possessions ". In fact, plotting to kill him. Chronicle is written in the report the crime. Sviatopolk came from Kiev to Vyshgorod secretly summoned the nobleman and other Putshu Vyshgorodsky men and asked them: "Have you betrayed me with all your heart?" And they answered: "We are ready to put their heads over you". Then Sviatopolk commanded them: "Do not let anyone go and kill my brother, Boris".

Murderers immediately hit the road. Last night they rode up to Alta, quietly rushed to the tent Borisov and heard that he sings matins. One of the assassins struck Boris spear through the cloth tent and killed him. Then he killed many of his servants. Boris body was wrapped in a carpet, loaded onto a cart, was secretly brought to Vyshgorod and buried in the church of St.. Basil.

All the monarchs of the world. Russia. 600 brief biographies. Konstantin Ryzhov. Moscow, 1999.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Boris and Gleb (X-XI cc.) - The sons of the prince of Kiev. Vladimir Svyatoslavich. By chronicles, . having the nature of a large and complete story, . distinguished artistic merit, . after his father died in 6523 (1015) Kiev throne conquered Sviatopolk Accursed, . to-ing, . Desiring to autocracy, . treacherously slew his half-brothers, . Rostov princes Boris and Gleb Murom,
. May 2, 1072 in Vyshgorod ceremonial burial tombs containing the remains of the brothers in the newly rebuilt temple, and their canonization rus. Church. The celebrations were not only the church, but also his political importance. In the feudal period it was the first prince Congress, on to-ing together the descendants of Yaroslav the Wise, a common cause. It is believed that this was when there was "Russian Truth Yaroslavichy". In memory of the first Russian. Saints Boris and Gleb was established religious holiday "in the 20 months of the Maya.

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Saints Boris Vladimirovich, photo, biography
Saints Boris Vladimirovich, photo, biography Saints Boris Vladimirovich  Prince, photo, biography
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