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VSEVOLOD Svyatoslavich Chermnykh

( From the kind of Chernigov princes)

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Biography VSEVOLOD Svyatoslavich Chermnykh
Of the kind Chernigovskij Book. Son of Svyatoslav II Vsevolodovicha and Polotsk Prince. Mary Vasilkovny. Kn. Chernigovskij in 1204-1210, 1214 he. Conducted. kn. Siena in 1206-1287, 1210 - 1214 he.

Wife.: From 1178 g. daughter of the King of Poland Casimir II, King's daughter Mary (+ 1179).

+ 1214 g.

* * *

In 1202 Vsevolod Rurik Rostislavich was an ally in its war against the Roman Mstislavich Galitsky and after taking the last ran in Kiev Chernigov. After the death of Roman in 1206 the allied princes gathered to go to Galich, but returned half-way to learn that the Hungarian king and Vsevolod the Big Nest patronize Galicians. But soon Galicians called on the principality of Vladimir Igorevich with his brothers, and Vsevolod, delighted that this famous city had to take relatives, decided to rob Monomakh seniority in Kiev, and sat there. Jaroslaw Vsevolodovichu, the princesses in Pereslavl, he sent word: "Go from Pereyaslavl to her father in Suzdal, and Galic did not look under my brothers' (Chronicle reports that the Galicians and Yaroslav, called for a. - K. P.), if he does not go good, then I'll go with you Ratiu ". Yaroslav, no hope to obtain from any aid, kissed the cross Vsevolod across his will and went to his father in Vladimir.

But in the same year, Rurik, combined with nephews and sons, and drove Vsevolod of Kiev, and his son from Pereyaslavl. Vsevolod was the winter with my brother and to obtain Polovtsy Kiev, stood under it for three weeks, but could take and went back with nothing. Happier he was next in 1207: joining up with Turov and the Galician prince, he went to Kiev with great power. Rurik fled to Ovruch, and Chernigov occupied Tripoli, Belgorod and Torchesk, as Kievites because of hunger could not withstand a long siege. Vsevolod again began to reign in Kiev, causing a lot of evil Russian land through its allies Polovtsy. But soon Rurik suddenly appeared near Kiev and drove him out Vsevolod; that after vainly trying to get this city by force, he managed to acquire them only through negotiations with Vsevolod. In 1210, he and all Olegovichy sent to Suzdal Metropolitan Matthew, . asking for the world and throughout submitting Vsevolod; last, . quarreled shortly before one of Rostislav, . Mstislav Mstislavich Remove, . because Novgorod, . could not be located is a relative of the last and therefore agreed, . so Vsevolod Chermnykh, . as the eldest among the brothers in pyatiyurodnymi Yaroslavovo kind, . villages in Kiev, . and gave Chernigov Rurik,

In 1214 after the death of Rurik Vsevolod not give his sons inheritance in Kiev parish and drove them all. Vsevolod was already dead, and Monomakh nowhere to wait for intercession. Then they sent to Novgorod to Mstislav Mstislavich Udalov call him for help. Mstislav came with resin and Novgorod. Vsevolod waiting for him under Vyshgorod, where a battle took place. Chernigov suffered in her defeat. Vsevolod fled across the Dnieper in Chernigov, losing a lot of people crossing. Mstislav Metislavich besieged Chernihiv. In the midst of the siege Vsevolod died.

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VSEVOLOD Svyatoslavich Chermnykh, photo, biography
VSEVOLOD Svyatoslavich Chermnykh, photo, biography VSEVOLOD Svyatoslavich Chermnykh  From the kind of Chernigov princes, photo, biography
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