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KAVAKUBO Rei (Rei Kawakubo)

( Designer)

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Biography KAVAKUBO Rei (Rei Kawakubo)
photo KAVAKUBO Rei (Rei Kawakubo)
Rei Kavakubo (Rei Kawakubo), founder of Comme des Garcons, was born in Tokyo in 1942. She has not received special education, designer clothes, but studied fine arts and literature, so it is easily possible to tell their ideas and designers shveyam. After graduation Kavakubo worked in the textile company and tried their strength as a stylist. In 1969. She came up with his brand, calling it the words of the song - Comme des Garcons (a boy).

In 1973, Mr.. Tokyo was founded Comme des Garcons Co. Ltd. Starting work with the establishment of women's collections in 1978. Kavakubo launched a menswear line. Two years later she moved to Paris and since then every year here shows their seasonal collections. In 1982, Mr.. Comme des Garcons has been accepted as a member of the Syndicate of the Paris Pret-a-Porter. At the same time was discovered and the first name boutique in Paris. After the successful 'invasion' in the capital of fashion, clothing Comme des Garcons is often the subject of exhibitions around the world.

Since 1992, under the brand Comme des Garcons began to produce their own models young Japanese designer, a protege of Rei Kavakubo, Jounieh Watanabe.

Comme des Garcons specializes in so-called anti-fashion, strict and often deconstructive models, some of which no sleeves or other components. These clothes are mostly black, dark gray and white, often demonstrated with boots-commander.

Although the recognition of Comme des Garcons in the world has increased from the time when Kavakubo left Japan, the export takes only 10vseh sales of this brand. A quarter of shops selling products Comme des Garcons, is located outside of Japan and they sold only a small part of the lines of this brand. Homme, Homme Deux, Tricot and Robe de Chambre - lines that are created primarily for the Japanese market. They say that clothes Comme des Garcons popularity surpasses Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, together. P

Kavakubo it is still the first person and the owner of Comme des Garcons Ltd. It dictates all the artistic and business policies of the company. After the successful conquest of the market outside of Japan, outside the 'land of the rising sun' has begun to develop and manufacture clothing Comme des Garcons - mainly in France. Kavakubo long opposed attempts to licensing products Comme des Garcons. Only one Italian company Pallucco has the right to manufacture accessories for this name

. Lines of Comme des Garcons:

. - Comme des Garcons - for sale in Le Form
. - Comme des Garcons Homme (1978)
. - Tricot Comme des Garcons (1981)
. - Robe de Chambre Comme des Garcons (1981)
. - Comme des Garcons Homme Plus (1984) - sold in Le Form
. - Comme des Garcons Homme Deux (1987)
. - Comme des Garcons Noir (1987)
. - Comme des Garcons Shirt - sold in Le Form
. - Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons (1992)
. - Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons (1993) - sold in Le Form
. - Comme des Garcons Homme Homme (1998)
. - Comme des Garcons Parfume

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KAVAKUBO Rei (Rei Kawakubo), photo, biography
KAVAKUBO Rei (Rei Kawakubo), photo, biography KAVAKUBO Rei (Rei Kawakubo)  Designer, photo, biography
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