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Goglidze Sergei Arsentyevich

( One of the leaders of the state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2)

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Biography Goglidze Sergei Arsentyevich
Sergei Goglidze Arsentyevich (1901, . s Papakostas Racha district of Kutaisi Province - 23/12/1953, . Moscow), . one of the leaders of the state security, . State Security Commissioner of rank 2 (26/11/1935), . Colonel-General (9.7.1945),
. The son of a cook. Educated in political courses at the Frunze Military Academy (1929). In 1917, drafted into the army. In 1918, joined the Red Army. From 1920 he worked in the revolutionary tribunals of the Turkestan Front. In June 1921 transferred to the bodies of the Cheka early. the Political Forces Cheka Turkestan. In 1921-22 Commissioner in the army of the Cheka and the GPU. In 1922-23 authorized to strengthen border security in Ukraine. Since 1923 he served in the frontier troops in the Caucasus, where he met with L.P. Beria. From 1.6.1930 beginning. Political Department, Deputy. early. for political affairs, and since the beginning 1/6/1933. management and the Border Guard Troops of the GPU to GPU embassy ZSFSR from 13/7/1934 - Office of the border and internal security of the NKVD ZSFSR and the Office of the NKVD Georgia. 11/11/1934 - 1/1/1937 People's Commissar of Internal Affairs ZSFSR and early. Office of the NKVD on the Georgian SSR. Since 1937 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. From 1.1.1937 - 14.11.1938 People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Credible and was the closest assistant. Beria, who has always provided him with protection. Supervised the deployment of mass repressions in Georgia (in 1937 he was given from the center of "limit" to be shot 1500). Widely applied beatings arrested. 14/11/1938 appointed early. Office of the NKVD in Leningrad region. "Cleanse" the administrative apparatus of the henchmen NI. Ezhov (about 50% of personnel). According to his colleagues - Investigators bodies in Leningrad G. "was always fair with subordinates and in circulation even-tempered" and was "very decent - and man, and leader". In 1939 a candidate member of the CC, CPSU (b). On 28.4.1941 commissioner of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and SNK in Moldova, led the expulsion of "anti-Soviet elements" of adherence to the Soviet Union of Bessarabia. On 31.7.1941 beginning. Office of the NKVD (the KGB, the MGB) of the Khabarovsk Territory, with the 7/5/1943 authorized MGB for the Far East 3/1/1951 transferred to Moscow and appointed early. General Directorate of rail and water transport MGB. After BC. Abakumov was replaced as Minister of State Security, Party apparatchiks SD. Ignatiev (August. 1951), Beria was promoted G. 26.8.1951 to the post of his 1-st deputy. Ignatieff substituted during his illness and led virtually all the correspondence in the case of doctors-killers. 10.11.1951 transferred to the post of minister of state security in Uzbekistan, but had returned to 13.2.1952 MGB Deputy. Minister, while 19.2.1952 he led the 3rd (military counterintelligence) management MGB. 20/11/1952 again became the 1 st Vice. Minister. After the death of I.V. Stalin and Beria, under the leadership of a single Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR D. 5/3/1953 became a member of the Board of the Ministry and the beginning. 3rd control (counter-espionage in the Soviet Army and Navy). During the arrest, Beria was in a trip to East Germany, where he was arrested on 3.7.1953 and taken to Moscow. Special session of the Supreme Judicial Court of the USSR "for treason, terrorist acts, participation in the treacherous anti-Soviet group" sentenced to death. Shot.

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Goglidze Sergei Arsentyevich, photo, biography
Goglidze Sergei Arsentyevich, photo, biography Goglidze Sergei Arsentyevich  One of the leaders of the state security, the Commissioner of Public Security of rank 2, photo, biography
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