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Kulik Grigory Ivanovich

( Military activities)

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Biography Kulik Grigory Ivanovich
Kulik Grigory Ivanovich (9.11.1890, kh Dubnikova Poltava province - 24.8.1950), military leader. Marshal of the Soviet Union (1940), Hero of the Soviet Union (1940). Educated at the Frunze Military Academy (1932). Participant 1 WWI. In 1917 joined RSDLP (b), in 1918 - the Red Army. During the Civil War was the provincial military commissar, beginning. Kharkov garrison, commanded the artillery of various armies (in t.ch. 1 st Cavalry). After the war - at command posts in the artillery. Since 1921 the beginning. Artillery of the North Caucasus military district, then assistant. early. artillery WPRA. Since 1926, the beginning. Main Artillery Directorate (GAU) Red Army. Since 1930, the division commander, in 1932 the commander and commissar of the shell. During the mass arrests among the commanders made a number of other "konnoarmeytsev" quick career, though did not have any data for this. The French press in 1939, wrote in t.ch. of Kulik, that "the fact that not been the best strategy, demonstrates the extent to which deserted the ranks of the military high command". In 1937-46 member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. From 1937 to early. Ordnance Department of the Red Army, from 1939 beginning. GAU Red Army and deputy. Commissar of Defense of the USSR. During the arrests, in 1939 tried to defend some of the commanders (in t.ch. AV. Khruleva), and in 1938, along with several others sent a letter to I.V. Stalin proposal to cease the repression of the commanders. In 1939, Kulik was in charge of coordinating the Ukrainian and Byelorussian fronts, operating as the occupation of Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. After the Great Patriotic War in August. 1941 appointed commander of the 54 th Army, acting on the Leningrad front. After a series of setbacks in Sept.. 1941 shot in t.ch. and through the active intervention NS. Khrushchev. 9/11/1941 personal order of Stalin's aims in Kerch for the organization of defense. The troops, which he received in the submission, were in terrible condition - the majority of divisions had 300 fighters. To hold the position was impossible, and 16 Nov.. Kerch was commissioned. 16/2/1942 Kulik appeared before the Special session of the Supreme Court of the USSR on a charge of delivery of Kerch and the Rostov, at the same time removed from the Party Central Committee. In March 1942, demoted to major general in April. 1943 promoted to lieutenant general. In April-Sept. 1943 commanded the 4-th Guards Army. Since January. 1944 Deputy. early. General Directorate and the formation of the Red Army. After his early. I.V. Currants "signaled" the moral uncleanliness and baraholstve "Kulik, he was again demoted to major general (1945). After the war, Deputy. Commander of the Volga Military District. In 1946, during the postwar purges commanders removed from his post. 1/11/1947 arrested on 25.8.1950 and sentenced to death. Shot. In 1956, rehabilitated, and 1956 was posthumously restored to the rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union.

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Kulik Grigory Ivanovich, photo, biography
Kulik Grigory Ivanovich, photo, biography Kulik Grigory Ivanovich  Military activities, photo, biography
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