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( The Socialist-Revolutionary)

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Biography TYNYSHPAEV Muhamedjan
Tynyshpaev Muhamedjan (May 12, 1879 by dp. data, 1880. Lepsinsk y. Semirechensk region., - 1937?). From family cattleman. In 1906 he graduated from St. Petersburg. Institute of Railway Engineers. While a student joined the Socialist-Revolutionaries, collaborated in the liberal and radical publications "Son of the Fatherland", "Speech," "radical," "Eng. Turkestan ": one of the organizers of the SR Union autonomist-federalist (Ashkhabad. Tashkent). Dep. 2 nd State. Duma of the Seven Rivers. region., a member musulm. fraction. Member of National and release. Restore. 1916, was arrested.

After the February. Revolution of 1917 Provisional. pr-tion March 8 Tynyshpaev, as well as a. Bukeyhanovu and OA Shkapskomu were assigned to "questions and questions dispensation Semirech'ya Kirgh. Life in Kosovo ". Tsp. Turkest. in-ta, creates time. pr-tion on April 5. Directed April 25. in Jeti. Region. to eliminate cases of appeal Kirgh. (Kazakh) populations in the rear of the. However Shkapskim (both were on equal footing Jeti. Region. Commissioners ACCESSED. pr-wah) was engaged in the relations in Russian.. Kirgh. (Kazakh), Dungan, population Przewalski, Pishpek, Dzharkentskogo y; May 4-6 meeting of the party in Pishpek on the resettlement of refugees returning from China. June 5 signed a petition to the time ave-tion to recover cross-woo losses Restore. 1916, in July ACCESSED. Prospect has decided to allocate 11 million. Rub. In middle. August. in protest against the decision Turkest. to-ta ACCESSED. Prospect Island to send a Jeti. Region. Karat, expedition and did not think it possible to participate in the destruction of the newly created, has resigned, stressing: "Your expedition will exacerbate Russian-Kirgh. relationships, ruin our work. You need to reconsider its decision "(Central State Archive of Kazakhstan, (p. 9, op. 1, q. 5, l. 7). Worked with a number of regional and county Kirgh. (Kazakh) to-ing. In October. candidate was nominated. in tsp. Inaugural. Coll.: In joint Shkapskim appeal to the population at the beginning izbirat. campaign, expressed confidence that "all citizens, maintaining law and order in the boundless love for the motherland, in the boundless submission to its commands, despite the decomp. origin and beliefs, will unite in one thought, one desire to see our Great Russia relaxed, happy and prosperous "(" Seven Rivers. Vedomosti. 1917, Oct. 1.).

In connection with the unrest caused by cont. crisis, has signed a decree on martial. situation Verne (October 9). and Pishpek (October 20).. October 27. sopred. Joint meeting of the Faithful in a number of societies, and military. org-tions Jeti. region., sharply condemned the uprising in Petrograd.

At the 4 th exceedingly. boundary musulm. Congress (26-29 Nov.., Kokand) elected prime min. (min later. ext. Affairs) Time. Prospect Island TN. Kokand autonomy and immediately returned to the Seven Rivers. ool. 5-13 December. in Orenburg on the 2 nd Vsekirg. (Vsekazah.) Congress elected Vsekirg (Vse-kazah.) nar. Council "Alash hordes.

In 1919, defected to the Soviet government. Conducted teaching research, people's economic work in the Alma-Ata. August 3. 1,930 arrested April 20. 1932 "troika" in the full representation of the OGPU in Kazakhstan, sentenced on charges of anti-Soviet activity to 5 years in the camps, the camps have been replaced by the expulsion of Tsentr. Black Soil Region. the same period. Rehabilitated February 28. 1958 Top. Court Kazakhstan. SSR.

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TYNYSHPAEV Muhamedjan, photo, biography
TYNYSHPAEV Muhamedjan, photo, biography TYNYSHPAEV Muhamedjan  The Socialist-Revolutionary, photo, biography
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