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( Byzantine Emperor)

Constantine VI - Byzantine emperor Isaurian dynasty, who ruled in 776-797 years. Son of Leo IV. Genus. January 14. 771 g. + After 797 g.

Constantine lost his father when he was still very small. Managing empire with 780 g. concentrated in the hands of his mother, power-loving Empress Irene. After spending a regent for ten years, she did not want to continue to part with their grandeur. Meanwhile, Constantine in 790 g. twenty years old, he was strong, everything is capable of, but saw himself aloof from all government and bitterly watched as all administered by the eunuch Stavriky first favorite of his mother, while to him no one dares get closer. After consulting with the entourage, he decided to grab the mother, her exile in Sicily, and to master the power. Stavriky prospected this conspiracy, stirred anger against the son of Irina. She told me to grab all his people, to carve, to cut and sent to distant parts of Sicily. Her son, she beat a lot of swearing, and some days would not let out of the castle. From all the legions, it required an oath that, while she was alive, they would not allow his son to reign. But when forced to swear allegiance to Irina Armenian legion, the soldiers answered: we will not put the name in front of Irina Constantine, Constantine but, as before, put in front of Irina. Empress sent a squire Alexei disarm them, but he took the side of the discontented. Legionnaires deposed their rulers and proclaimed commander Alexei. Learning of this, the soldiers drove out the rest of the legions of their commanders, and also spoke in favor of Constantine. Gathered at Atroe legions general. The view put to recognize the Emperor Constantine. Irina, fearing violence of the soldiers let him go to his son: the will of the troops was approved edinovlastnym ruler, and his mother was removed from the management. Constantine appointed Alexis his military commander, Stavrikiya also ordered to carve, to cut and sent to Armenia. Irina for a time was imprisoned in his palace, but in 791 g. Constantine allowed her to return, once again proclaimed her Empress and shared with her honor, as it was before, and pat-rikiya Alexei deposed and vows. In July the same year the emperor spoke against the Bulgarians, but, in youthful ardor, rush into the battle and was defeated. As a fugitive, he returned to the capital, having lost many people, and not only ordinary soldiers, and prominent military leaders. The Bulgarians captured the wagon train, with money, horses, tents and all the royal servants. In view of this, legions gathered in the city, proclaimed emperor's uncle Constantine, Caesar Nicephorus. To prevent the coup, Constantine ordered the maiming of his uncle: Nikiforov blinded, and Christopher, Nikita, Anfimov Evdokimov and their tongues cut out. At the same time blinded by Alexei. Armenian Legion, learned of the blinding Alexis, rebelled. Constantine sent his army against the legions of others, but could not defeat him. On both sides there were many dead. In May, the Emperor for the second time opposed Armeniaka and with treachery finally defeated the rebellious legion. Thousand soldiers, he ordered the brand and send to distant garrisons on the islands.

In 795 g. Constantine, under the inspiration of his mother, who, wishing to rule, sought to do for all hated her son, forced his wife Mary, to join a monastery and a haircut. Soon he was crowned king Theodotos his mistress, the daughter spalnichego, and unlawfully engaged to her against the will of the Patriarch. The prestige of the emperor suffered from this marriage, meanwhile Irina continued to weave intrigues. Already in 796 g. gifts and promises she managed to win over officials and commanders of legions. In March, 797 g. Constantine went against the Arabs, having a Stavrikiya and other minions of the Empress, participated in the conspiracy. Stavriky, seeing the courage of the troops and the emperor himself, was afraid they would not have won (if they have not succeeded in his evil mind) and, therefore, Zadar custody and made her lie that Arabs fled. The emperor, sorry this failure, he returned to the capital. June 17, when he rode to the palace to the racecourse, the heads of the legions went to grab it. Learning of this, Constantine in his boat crossed into Pilas and wanted to flee to the eastern provinces. But his companions, who were in collusion with the Empress, August 15, grabbed him in prayer and brought to Irina. Constantine entered in porphyry Hall and at the) same day, according to his mother, ruthlessly gouged out his eyes so that he almost died (Theophanes: 782, 784, 785, 789). Subsequent years Constantine lived in strict custody in one of the palaces. Of all the family stayed with him one Theodotos. think he did not live up to the coup 802 g. and deposition Irina. With his death cut short Isavriysaya dynasty (Dashkov: 'Constantine Sixth').

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