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ADENAUER Conrad (Adenauer)

( Federal Chancellor of Germany)

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Biography ADENAUER Conrad (Adenauer)
photo ADENAUER Conrad (Adenauer)
ADENAUER (Adenauer) Conrad (1876-1967), Federal Chancellor of Germany in the years 1949-1963. In the years 1917-1933 - the chief mayor of Cologne, in the years 1920-1932 - Chairman of the Prussian State Council. One of the founders (1946) and since 1950 chairman of the Christian Democratic Union. He has made a significant contribution to the creation of the Basic Law (constitution) and the State of Germany. In the years 1951-1955, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Germany has achieved acceptance in the Western European Union and NATO. In 1955, the Adenauer government established diplomatic relations with the USSR.

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. Adenauer, Konrad (Adenauer), (1876-1967), statesman and political figure in Germany, who led its restoration after the defeat of the Third Reich
. Born January 5, 1876 in Cologne. After graduation in 1901, became a lawyer. Since 1906 member of the council of Cologne in 1909 and deputy mayor, and in 1917-33 the chief burgomaster of Cologne. Attended after 1-st world war in the separatist movement of the Rhenish. In 1926 his candidacy for the post of chancellor, but failed. In the 1920-32 chairman of the Prussian State Council. He was one of the leaders of the Catholic party of the "Center". As a member of the supervisory boards of joint stock companies of energy and coal industry and the German Bank. After the Nazis came to power in 1933, resigned from their posts because of an uncompromising rejection of Hitler and the philosophy of national socialism.

Adenauer twice, in 1934 and 1944, was arrested by the Gestapo, as an implacable opponent of the regime. After the second arrest was in prison Brauveylera. The warden told him: "Please do not try to commit suicide. In your case, this is no longer necessary. You 68 years, and your life one way or another already finished ". Adenauer remained Chancellor of West Germany for two years longer than in the Third Reich held the post Hitler.
. After the 2-nd World War, Adenauer was among the founders of the ruling Christian Democratic Union, and since 1946 its chairman
. In 1948-49 - President of t. n. Parliamentary Council. From September 1949 to October 1963 - Federal Chancellor of West Germany, in 1951-55 as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Comprehensive, exceptionally strong-willed, Adenauer was extremely popular among the people, to him easily accessed "Der Alte" ( "Antiquities"). Under the leadership of Adenauer, West Germany from the hopeless, the country collapsed into a worthy member of the international community. Becoming the first Federal Chancellor, he has directed its efforts to ease restrictions imposed by the allies against Germany. He has contributed to domestic stability, strengthening ties with France, the association with the movement for European integration and has the support and confidence of Western. Adenauer signed the Treaty of Paris, and in 1955 entered into an agreement with the Soviet Union. His achievements in the industrial reconstruction of postwar Germany's economic miracle seemed. He voluntarily resigned as chancellor in 1963 because of old age, while in the areola of glory, as the political and economic architect of his country. Took up his post in 73 years, he spent on it 14 years. Adenauer died April 19, 1967 at his villa in Rendorfe the age of 91.

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ADENAUER Conrad (Adenauer), photo, biography
ADENAUER Conrad (Adenauer), photo, biography ADENAUER Conrad (Adenauer)  Federal Chancellor of Germany, photo, biography
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