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BEM Herman (Beum)

( Admiral of the Navy Germany)

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Biography BEM Herman (Beum)
Boehm, Hermann (Beum), (1884-1972), Admiral of the Navy of Germany, the commander of a flotilla of "Norway". Born January 18, 1884 in Rybnik, Upper Silesia. In 1903 cadet joined the Imperial Navy. In 1911 was promoted to lieutenant, commanded the torpedo boats. In 1919 with the rank of lieutenant-commander was temporarily dismissed from the Navy, . but soon returned, and later held various important positions: Commander of 2 nd mine and torpedo flotilla (1926-28), . Chief of Staff, Fleet Command (1932 - 33), . captain of the battleship "Hesse" (1933-34), . intelligence chief and commander of the German fleet in Spain (1936-37),
. October 4, 1937 Bern became commander of the North Sea naval forces. From November 1, 1938 to October 21, 1939 Boehm was the commander of the navy of Germany, but the Grand Admiral Erich Raeder was inexplicably dismissed capable naval commander of this post, replacing it with Vice-Admiral William Marshall. April 1, 1941 Bemu was awarded the rank of admiral. He was appointed commander of the flotilla of "Norway", . occupying this post until 1943, . to the elevation of Grand Admiral Doenitz, . who sent Boehm in a second dismissal for lack of faith in national socialism and opposition to the Reich Norway Terbovenu,
. After a one-year retirement, General-Admiral Boehm was appointed March 1, 1944 the Chief Inspector of naval schools, and stayed in office until March 31, 1945. From that day Bohm finally retired, he settled in Kiel, where he died April 11, 1972
. Used material is copyright The Third Reich --

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. Boehm (Bom, Boehm) Herman (18.01.1884, Rybnik, Upper Silesia - 11.04.1972, Kiel) naval figure, Admiral-General (01.04.1941)
. In 1903 cadet joined the Navy. In 1911 promoted to lieutenant, and until 1918 commanded the torpedo boats. Participant 1-st world war, the commander of a torpedo boat, a participant in the Skagerrak sea battle (1916). In March of 1919, sacked by the reduction of the fleet, but in August 1920 returned to service. In 1926-28 commander of the 2-nd minnotorpednoy fleet in 1928-29 commander of the battleship Hesse, in 1932-33 Chief of Staff Fleet Commander. In 1934-38, in t.ch. and during the Spanish Civil War, served as commander of the intelligence forces of the fleet, but in August 1920 returned to service. On 04.10.1937 the commander of the North Sea naval district. On 01.11.1938 Fleet Commander of Germany. Presumed to commander, but not enjoyed the support of the commander in chief, Admiral Z. Roeder, who replaced him 21/10/1939 Vice-Admiral in. Marshall. One of the reasons was the fact that Roeder had insulted the wording of the order issued by the operating department Boehm. 10.04.1940 was appointed commander of the flotilla, Norway *, and held that post until March 1943, when he was dismissed and the dismissal had grand admiral K. DцTnitz, for countering the Imperial Commissioner Norway. Terbovenu and "lack of national-socialism". On 01.03.1944 chief inspector general of the navy school. 31/03/1945 for the third time, has finally, dismissed and resigned.

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BEM Herman (Beum), photo, biography
BEM Herman (Beum), photo, biography BEM Herman (Beum)  Admiral of the Navy Germany, photo, biography
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