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Anton Drexler (Drexler)

( One of the founders of the National Socialist movement in Germany.)

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Biography Anton Drexler (Drexler)
Drexler, Anton (Drexler), (1884-1942), one of the founders of the National Socialist movement in Germany. Born June 13, 1884 in Munich. Worked as a tool-maker. During the 1-st World War Drexler joined the Motherland Party, whose members were mostly big industrialists and military leaders and the ultimate goal to achieve for Germany lucrative world. By that time Drexler had the idea to create a nationalist party of the workers, capable of leading the most extensive population. March 7, 1918, he established a committee of independent workers, who became a branch of a major Severogermanskoy association promoting peace. In January 1919 Drexler joined his small group with t. n. Political workers union, who led the journalist Karl Harrer. Created by the union was called the German Workers' Party. Her program is a mixture of the postulates of the Thule Society, whose members were Harrer and Drexler, and typical of the petty-bourgeois socialism slogans. In September 1919 on one of the meetings of the party was sent as an informant Adolf Hitler. Later, he wrote in "Mein Kampf":

"Mr. Drexler, who was then leader ortsgruppy in Munich, was an ordinary worker, not very gifted as a speaker and even more so as a soldier. He served in the army and was not at the front, and because his whole being was weak and indecisive, it was not for us a true leader. He and Mr. Harrer was not so fanatic to carry traffic in their hearts. He did not have enough opportunities to use harsh methods to break the resistance of the new idea within the party. He lacked the speed of a greyhound, the flexibility of the skin and firmness of Krupp steel. "

Nevertheless, Hitler's interested in the idea of Drexler in charge of his own views. Concept Drexler on the need to eliminate existing allegedly "Masons-Jewish capitalist conspiracy" fully coincide with the aspirations of Hitler: on the one side there is the simple-minded Germanic working, . peasants and soldiers, . on the other side - "flexible demon decline of mankind, . Jewish capitalists,
. This embryo was the beginning of the essence of Hitler's Nazism. Hitler joined the German Workers' Party. Drexler wrote about this to your friend: "The absurd little man was a member of the" number seven "our party". Drexler attempts to keep Hitler under his control were unsuccessful - he soon took over as party chairman. After the formation on the basis of the German Workers Party National Socialist Workers' Party of Germany Drexler received a formal post of honorary chairman of the NSDAP. After the failed "Beer Hall Putsch" in 1923 he briefly imprisoned. In the same year, Drexler came out of the Nazi Party and of the People's Bloc, was elected to the Bavarian Landtag. After the reorganization of the Nazi Party in February 1925 Drexler finally joined the opposition to Hitler. Despite the temporary peace with Hitler in 1930, Drexler had never taken part in the movement he spawned. He died February 24, 1942 in Munich.

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Anton Drexler (Drexler), photo, biography
Anton Drexler (Drexler), photo, biography Anton Drexler (Drexler)  One of the founders of the National Socialist movement in Germany., photo, biography
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