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( Governor of Georgia)

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Biography GEORGE V
George V Brtskinvale (Magnificent) (1318-1346). George V began his active work on rebuilding the country before the accession. In the years 1316-1317 as a result of negotiations George V with the Egyptian sultan of Georgia has been returned to Jerusalem Cross Monastery-tyr and the keys of the sanctuary, . once taken away by Muslims and converted into mechet.Gruzinam was given the right to enter Jerusalem seated on horseback with razver-mentioned flags.,

. George has changed its policy regarding Ilkhans: renounced rebellion against them and did not quarrel with them
. George V has established good relations with the emir ilhanskim Cioban that because of childhood khan Abu Said he ruled the country. George has made the most of Choban right to collect tribute.

For its part, Choban was also interested in good relations with George V, as hoped for a military force of Georgians. Georgian feudal lords become estranged from the king of hard power, so George began to carry out radical measures. By order of the king on the mountain civilization had been convened, ostensibly to meetings unruly eristavi and executed. The king put a stop to raids Ossetians and freed the city of Gori.

In 1329 died Mikel, son of Da-kind Narine. George V came to West Georgia, took the city of Kutaisi and subjugated the feudal. King managed to connect and South Georgia, after which the integrity of the country was restored. It should restore order in the church. In the 30th years of the XIV century on the initiative of George V was convened by the church-tion Church.

By order of the king and with his active support for the highland population was composed of Kartli special judicial book - "Dzeglis Deb" ( "The Code"). Creating this book was due to the severe situation in the mountains of Georgia.

. In the same period was signifi-tion created a monument of state law "printed row of the Royal Court", which were deter-mined etiquette royal court, as well as rights and duties of officials and servants of the Royal Court
. George V restored the tradi-tion into bond forms of government in the country. Was carried out financial reforms, the Georgian minted coin, called "giorgauli Tetris".

In 1327 on the orders of Abu-Said, was killed by Emir Choban, then in the Khanate began vnutrifeodalnye War. George took advantage and drove the Mongol army from Georgia. Thus ended nearly a century of Mongol rule in Georgia.

. Achieved success in the country - strengthening the royal power, the suppression of arbitrariness didebulov, improving the economic position-tion of the country have allowed George V-th to begin an active foreign policy
. He restored the influence of Georgia in the Empire of Trebizond. Georgian King supported diplomacy-cal relations with Pope John XXII. At the direction of the pope of the Catholic Church Diocesan Center of the city of Smyrna was moved to Tbilisi.

George V had a connection with the French King Philip VI of Valois, whom the king had promised 30 thousand soldiers for the release of "holy land". Intensive trade relations of Georgia with Genoa and Vienna-tion contributed ekonomicheskimu recovery and development of the country.

. George V restored the unity of Georgia, consolidated royal power, saved the country from total destruction, revived-ing the Mongols destroyed Georgia
. For all this good-Darney descendants christened it "Brtskinvale (" brilliant "). George Brtskinvale died in 1346.

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GEORGE V, photo, biography
GEORGE V, photo, biography GEORGE V  Governor of Georgia, photo, biography
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