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Charles VI Mad

( The King of France)

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Biography Charles VI Mad
Charles VI Mad (1368-1422) - King of France from the kind of Valois, who ruled in 1380-1422 he. Son of Charles V and Jeanne of Bourbon.
Wife: From 1385 g. Isabella, the daughter of the Duke of Bavaria, Stephen III (born. 1369 g. + 1435).

Genus. 1368 g. + 21 October. 1422 g.


Charles became king when he was the twelfth year. Power passed to his uncles, the Duke of Anjou, Burgundy and Berry. The years of their rule were marked by popular uprisings, revolts and wars with the Flemings. Early adulthood, Charles remained a few years under the strong influence of the Duke of Burgundy. The king was a handsome young man with the chivalric manners, ardent, who had the nature of good qualities: good humor and friendliness. But he was raised in a frivolous society, fond of noisy fun and wasteful splendor. Behind all this for a long time he was too busy to deal with cases. Finally, he noted that the state is given in the disorder of his uncles, and decided to take power into their own hands. In November 1389, on his return from a hike in Geldern, he gathered the princes of the blood of many nobles, prelates, and ordered him to make a review of public affairs. Having listened carefully to all reports, he asked for advice on how to improve the situation of the State. Lansky Bishop Montague replied that if the king intends to edit a new way, he must get rid of all the former leaders. Karl liked this board.

He let go of his uncle, and instead of royal princes took as his assistants experienced administrators who have distinguished themselves during his father: Connetable Clisson, Bishop Montague, La-Mercier and others. This new government has to act and work in interosah King. He himself was soon lost interest in matters and reverted to the unbridled entertainment. He was a very impressionable young man, prone to passionate impulses and hobbies. In his mind crowded set a variety of projects, of which, incidentally, he did not have time to implement any. For some time, began to notice that the king is disturbed mind. In 1392, Mr.. disease was exacerbated fever. Hardly recovered from her. Carl started the war against the Duke Bretanskogo. During this campaign, mental disorder turned into raving madness. Karl rode, waving a sword, was cut down right and left, a few escorts wounded, several. Killed. He finally stopped, and he fell into a prolonged coma. After several months of sanity returned to the king, and he seemed completely cured of the insanity. But during a masquerade in 1393 pristtup repeated. Then the madness began to master the King increasingly. The last 30 years he had been unable to govern. All these years people have suffered intolerable disaster.

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Charles VI Mad, photo, biography
Charles VI Mad, photo, biography Charles VI Mad  The King of France, photo, biography
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