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POPOVA Varvara

( Actress)

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Biography POPOVA Varvara
photo POPOVA Varvara
It is called the most enigmatic figure in the history of the theater Vakhtangov. Varvara did not accept the new leadership of the native theater and did not fight.

We Popova had no honor. 'Favorite disciple Vahtangova - it is beyond any honors and awards', - she says. She studied at the studio of the great actor and teacher, together with those, . who further defined the style and direction of development of the Russian theater, . who truly became the face of domestic scenes - this is BM Zahava, . and R. Simonov, . and T. Mansurov, . and E. Alekseev, . and I. Tolchanov,
. With all of them Varvara Popova was on the 'you', but never boast, and it never entered into any conflicts. The only thing that Varvara has allowed himself - to stand up for his beloved partner and associate of Boris Zahava, when against him in the theater began to intrigue. This incident, and proved fatal to her biography.

About Varvara Popova talking in the late 20's, when she brilliantly played Louise in the play by Friedrich Schiller's 'Intrigue and Love'. But Popov's nothing more notable in the theater did not play. She did not know how to intrigue, struggle and benefit. Many called it a failure. In a personal matter Varvara says: 'The hotel is located in a not very favorable for growth, but still making progress. "

Since 1956, Varvara never crossed the threshold Vakhtangov Theater. But soon have Popova began a new life - she once again came to the cinema. Once again - because of her back was already solid experience in film. In the 20-ies she starred with such masters of the screen, as Protazanov J. and L. Obolensky. In 1959 it returned to the movies I. Pyrev - invited for the role of grandmothers in the picture 'White Nights'.

Popov many filmed A. Saltykov, calling his old actress mascot. They first met on the set of 'President', where Varvara played some Samokhin - old village women, who all the time 'urged on' young farm chairman Yegor Trubnikov. However, the most famous actress brought the work by Alexander Rowe. In 'Jack Frost' she played a blind old woman, which Ivan with a bear's head carried through the woods to her house, and in the fairy tale 'Barbara, beauty, long braid' Popova has been the nanny Stepanida.

. Just as in the case of the theater, Varvara Popova suddenly disappeared from cinema screens
. Her bright face remained etched in a few films. In 1975, Popov has appeared before the audience the last time - in the television movie Konstantin Bromberg 'I have a lion'. The museum theater Vakhtangov indicated that died Varvara in 1989, when she was almost 90 years. As she had lived all these years, what worked, talking to whom - unknown. Mystery she remained until the end.

Actor's work:
1. His appeal - 1925
2. Bricks - 1925 (Melodrama)
3. Love and hate - 1935
4. Bride - 1936 (Drama)
5. White Nights - 1959 (drama) ... Grandma
6. Jack Frost - 1964 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale) ... a blind old woman
7. All for you - 1964 (comedy)
8. President - 1964 (Kinopovest) ... Samokhina
9. Nasty anecdote - 1965 (comedy)
10. Petticoat - 1967 (Kinopovest)
11. The Brothers Karamazov - 1968 (Kinopovest)
12. Varvara-beauty, long braid - 1969 (Adventure) ... nurse Stepanida
13. Director - 1970 (Kinopovest)

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POPOVA Varvara, photo, biography
POPOVA Varvara, photo, biography POPOVA Varvara  Actress, photo, biography
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