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PYATKOV Alexander

( Actor)

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Biography PYATKOV Alexander
photo PYATKOV Alexander
Attraction to the scene at the young Sasha Pyatkova was so great that he persuaded his mother to arrange the Bolshoi Theater montirovschikom scenery. Once he daydreaming that during the interval did not have time to go behind the scenes, and the curtain opened. Once in front of the whole room, he departed in three jumps from the stage at which Maya Plisetskaya whispered to him behind the scenes: "Young man, you are talented."

In 16 years Pyatkov decided to "go to the people". Without money and the things he stole a boat and sailed it all the Volga. He earned singing and playing the accordion. In 17 years, went into the crowd at the theater satire. In the 18 enrolled in Schepkinskoe Theater School. At 24 years appeared with the great Akira Kurosawa in the Oscar-winning film "Dersu Uzala.

Film crews immediately fell in love with Alexandra Pyatkova. Sometimes in one year came out to 8 films with his participation - at the same time the actor was filmed at the studios of several republics of the USSR. Among the best works Pyatkova - Zuev ( "In the zone of special attention"), Sasha (34-second fast "), Sergeant Hay (" The Mystery of blackbirds "), Baron (" shocker "). Calling card of the artist for many years was the role of hero Sandman ( "There, on unknown tracks) with a single phrase:" I wake up? ".

Alexander Heel - a great storyteller and humourist joker. On it goes so many stories, that to understand where truth and fiction, sometimes impossible. It was filmed in various countries, and everywhere with him occurred any incredible stories.

Honored Artist of Russia (1994).

In 1972 he graduated from the Theater School. Schepkina. In 1972-1974 - Actor Theater of Satire. Since 1974 - in the theater-studio movie actor. Since 1997 - at the Maly Theater of Russia.

Actor's work:
1. Dersu Uzala - 1976
2. Tryn-grass - 1976 (comedy) ... the groom
3. Tale about how the king married Peter Moor - 1976 (Historical / Biographical)
4. Nameless Star - 1978 (Melodrama)
5. In the area of special attention - 1978 (Action) ... Zuev
6. Garage - 1979 (comedy)
7. Ladies invited Cavaliers - 1980 (Lyric comedy)
8. Your Move - 1981 (Action)
9. 34-second fast - 1982 (Adventure) ... Sasha
10. There, on unknown tracks ... - 1982 (Adventure) ... hero Drema
11. Railway Station for Two - 1982 (Melodrama)
12. Pokrovsky Gate - 1982 (Lyric comedy)
13. We're from Jazz - 1983 (comedy)
14. The mystery of "blackbirds" - 1983 (Detective) ... Sergeant Hay
15. The Invisible Man - 1984 (Science Fiction / Fantasy)
16. A Cruel Romance - 1984 (Melodrama)
17. Danger to life! - 1985 (comedy)
18. Zmeelov - 1985 (Crime drama)
19. Singing Russia - 1986
20. Loan to the marriage - 1987
21. Forgotten Melody for Flute - 1987 (Lyric comedy)
22. Visiting ladies - 1989 (Drama)
23. Stairs - 1989 (Science Fiction / Fantasy)
24. Escape to the Edge of the World - 1991 (Melodrama)
25. Five kidnapped monks - 1991 (Adventure)
26. Shocker - 1994 (Melodrama) ... Baron
27. Lord performers - 1994
28. Devil's Symphony - 1994 (Horror / Mystery)
29. Ermak - 1996 (Drama)
30. Features Russian bath - 1999 (Erotic comedy)
31. Again we must live - 2001 (Adventure)

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PYATKOV Alexander, photo, biography
PYATKOV Alexander, photo, biography PYATKOV Alexander  Actor, photo, biography
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