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Valeria Lorca

( Actress)

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Biography Valeria Lorca
photo Valeria Lorca
Date of Birth: May 8, 1968.
. Birthplace: Capital Federal, Argentina.
. Sign: Taurus.
. Family: parents and younger sister Christel.
. Hobbies: interior design, riding on a bicycle.
. Favorite sport: not engaged in sports, and dancing (classic, jazz, flamenco, tango).
. What I like: to take holidays by the sea.
. With hates: when people are dying of hunger.
. Dream: to build a shelter for children.
. Favorite food: pasta.
. What fears: illness.
. Favorite color: turquoise.
. Favorite book: "El Camino del Artista" ( "Way of the actor").
. Favorite perfume: Heaven Gap.

. As a child, Valeria liked to pose as someone else, as well as play with dolls, for which she had her own house and wardrobe
. In addition, in the future actress was an unusual hobby: she liked to find the abandoned house, which she settled in and transformed in local clubs.

. Vale (what is it called home and friends) in the five years decided to become a dancer and started classical dance
. But the passion for acting gradually got the upper hand. Once at Christmas (Valerie was ten years old), she played the whole presentation to parents. She stood in the garden under a plum tree and sang songs of his own, while her sister was shaking the tree that fell white flowers, symbolizing the flakes. Apparently, that's when Valery knew how to speak well in public and to be an actress - this is what she always dreamed.

But her dream was fulfilled not immediately. To give pleasure to the parents, after school Lorca three years studied the social sciences. Only at 24 years the actress has finally committed itself to what actually felt vocation of cinema and theater.
The first statement, in which she played in the theater of Cervantes, was called "Ensayos de pasion" ( "Lessons of passion"). In this play, her partner was no more, no less a person than "maestro" Agustin Aletstso.

. But Lorca's first appearance on television took place in the series "Donde estas amor de mi vida, que no te puedo encontrar" ( "Where are you the love of my life?" I can not find you ")
. Here partner Valerie was another great Argentine actor, unfortunately, has already gone from us - Arturo Mali (Federico Di Carlo in "Wild Angels").

Since then Lorca does not cease to play in the theater and removed on television. The most successful of its role, without a doubt, we can assume the role of Martha in the series "Wild Angel", where Valerie had the opportunity to work with her best friend - Natalia Oreiro.
. After this telenovela actress starred in "Los Medicos de Hoy" (the Argentine version of "first aid"), where she played one of the nurses
. Now it can be seen in the series "Provocame", where the main role performed by popular singer Chayann, Araceli Gonzalez and Romina Yan. In this novel the character Valerie purely positive - it is the best friend of the protagonist Anna Laura performed Araceli Gonzalez.

Despite the fact that the actress looks so organic in negative roles in the life of Valeria, a very gentle and kind man with a great loving heart. Her most cherished dream - to help all kids who find themselves on the street, to facilitate their existence - to build their house, where they could feel good and calm.
The actress believes that these and her other dream - to have a baby, a performance, to show their parents the world - ever surely come true.

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Valeria Lorca, photo, biography
Valeria Lorca, photo, biography Valeria Lorca  Actress, photo, biography
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