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Biography ANTHONY Marcelo
photo ANTHONY Marcelo
FULL NAME: Marcello Couto de Farias
. Stage name: Marcelo Anthony
. DATE OF BIRTH: January 28, 1965
. Zodiac: Aquarius
. Favorite drink: Water
. The music which loves to listen to: Depends on my mood
. Maybe listen to both jazz and rock.
FAVORITE CLOTHES: Also depends on the mood and sense of humor. One day can walk like a real dandy, but on the other dress torn shorts and Hawaiian sandals.
WANT: Too proficient, is sparing no effort, all laid out on the work. Such pressure can be considered as a drawback.
ADVANTAGES: It is ironic, but all the same professionalism
. BOOK BENCH: "I Ching"
. Favorite movie: The French film "Betty Blue"
. A handsome man: James Dean
. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN: Catherine Deneuve

. "Dia da Caca, O" (1999)
. "Terra Nostra" (1999) - Marco Antonio Mariano
. "Torre de Babel" (1998) - Guilherme Toledo
. "Salsa e Merengue" (1996)
. "Rei do Gado, O" (1996) - Bruno Berdinatstsi

. Prior to the disposition of the College of Communications, Marcelo was also an assistant photographer, and the seller in the shop, and tours
. "I learned the history of Rio" - says Anthony. On the bookshelf in his house stand out works of the German philosopher Nietzsche, one of his favorite authors. Working English-speaking tourist guide, he is well learned the language.
Before he landed the role in "Fatal Heritage" and the telenovela "Terra Nostra", for which he is praised, Marcelo survived some very difficult moments. One of them was severe depression, when he spent whole days sitting in a locked room.

Leaving the work of the waiter, the future actor engaged in the proliferation of their resume, has not yet received an invitation to test in the mini-series. "I had 4 days to prepare, but I was so nervous that he held these days, trying to gloss over his text," - says Marcelo. The samples he did not pass, but at least got a chance to learn in the "Actors Workshop" GLOBE. Soon, he was summoned to the other samples, but director Luiz Fernando Carvalho decided that he was not suited to the role of this character. Still, after some time, playing several roles in the theater, Marcelo again went to the casting to the same director, this time in the telenovela "Fatal Inheritance".

Anthony changed his appearance, hair cut and grew a beard. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested for shooting the commercial video. Just at that time he received a telegram inviting him to sample the "Fatal Inheritance", and was approved for the role of Bruno Berdinatstsi.

Success came to him immediately, as soon as the series was released. And in "Fatal inheritance," and, later, in "Terra Nostra", Anthony played the role of the Italians, apparently took its origin. His game is so much that he soon was adopted for the main role in the series "Salsa e Merengue", written by Miguel Falabella and Maria Carmen Barbosa.

The role of Antonio in "Terra Nostra" for him was difficult, as his character is too different from himself. In "Terra Nostra" he plays the son of Francesco (Raul Cortez) and Janet (Angela Vieira). At the beginning of history, he met Zhulianoy (Ana Paula Arosio), and in his mind flashes the strongest passion for it.

Raul Cortez, who plays his father, Marcelo is known for TV series "Fatal Inheritance". Marseille hit me with his love for the work and professionalism ", - says Cortez. Author of "Terra Nostra", Benedito Ruy Barbosa, also a fan of Marcelo: "Once again he shows us how he is talented and professional. He is an actor of the future ". Anthony said that his financial situation could be better, but he prefers to choose a job. For example, he always refuses to advertise alcoholic drinks and cigarettes.

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ANTHONY Marcelo, photo, biography
ANTHONY Marcelo, photo, biography ANTHONY Marcelo  Actor, photo, biography
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