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Chaplinsky Ludwig Adamovich

( Athlete)

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Biography Chaplinsky Ludwig Adamovich
Ludwig Adamovich Chaplinsky was born in Krasnoyarsk in 1881. Russified Pole. His parents were Polish insurgents who were exiled to Siberia. Ros Ludwig in an intellectual family. Father - a lawyer by profession every encouragement to his son, a schoolboy fascination with foreign languages, literature and physical exercise. As Ludwig says niece, Victoria Apollonovna Provotorova, at the age of ten he read "War and Peace" L. N. Tolstoy the texts, which were in French, to understand without a dictionary. While still in high school fluent in French, German, English and Polish.

Attractive appearance and gentle nature, gathered around him many friends. The family were all vegetarians, alcohol is not consumed and enjoy good health and longevity. In 1901, Ludwig graduated with a certificate of merit Krasnoyarsk provincial high school and then moved to study in St. Petersburg. After studying in St. Petersburg, he entered the service in the bank. Flats rented on Nevsky Prospect. In the largest room equipped gym. Acquired dumbbells, barbells, dumbbells and a thick carpet to fight. On the train came to friends, casual and famous athletes and. Lebedev and. Poddubnyi. In 1912 he created a society of physical development "Sanitas" in which amateur athletes involved, many of whom will continue to famous athletes, including world champion Ivan Chufistov. In the society of "Sanitas" was a strict routine: daily morning exercises, jogging, shower, theoretical studies on the history of sports and individual sports equipment. In the second half of the day - classes weightlifting and fighting. Sam contests in junior weightlifting by weight categories. The winners were awarded large and small gold and silver medals. In 1913 came the first All-Russia Union Weightlifting chaired by the holder of two world records Ludwig Chaplinsky. In the same year, Russia joined the World Union of weightlifting, which arose in 1912 in Stockholm. The efforts of Chaplinsky and other enthusiasts in 1913, 1914. held its first All-Russia Olympiad in Kiev and Riga. Helped in conducting the competition in many cities of Russia. For example, this article in the journal "Russian sport" in 1914 about competing in weightlifting in Kazan: "Judges and competitors in weightlifting express their deep gratitude to L. A. Chaplinsky, for the kind assistance ". Chaplinsky was conducted in "the sport" special section "Beauty and the pride of Russian weightlifters", which gives the characteristics of athletes. He wrote many articles on the many-sided physical development rights, . defended the identity development of the Russian weightlifting and wrestling ( "We should not work according to German and French systems of physical development, . and on Russian, . which has found acceptance and abroad ", . "Russian sport" 1913,
. ).

Chaplinsky three consecutive years was the champion of Russia in weightlifting (1913, 1914, 1915. ). Third prize at the World Cup in 1915. Engaged Ludwig and other sports: boxing, fencing, wrestling, jumping, rowing.

Set a record in walking - 61 km. for 12 hours.

Individual records (weight 75 kg.) Push with two hands - 120 kg, twisting right - 92 kg, left - 81 kg. In 1916, holding the shoulders of 40-pound lamb, jumped from their seats at the table.

In 1916 he volunteered for the front.

In January 1917, died on the battlefield.

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Chaplinsky Ludwig Adamovich, photo, biography
Chaplinsky Ludwig Adamovich, photo, biography Chaplinsky Ludwig Adamovich  Athlete, photo, biography
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