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Majed Abdullah

( football player)

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Biography Majed Abdullah
photo Majed Abdullah
Born November 1, 1958 in Dzhedahe (Saudi Arabia).
Country Saudi Arabia.
Position Striker

He was part of the team, which won in 1984 and 1988 in the Asian Championship, played in 1984 at the Olympic Los Angeles. World Cup 1994 (captain), where the team made a splash winning 2:1 Morocco, Belgium, 1:0, leading to the lost account of Holland 1:2, in 1 / 8 finals hitting the Swedes lost 1:3 (in this match Majed not played). Swedes recall, with brilliance then took 3 rd place.

Native club won 11 different tournaments.

He has a variety of records (about them below). Fast runner, amazing dribler, master strikes his head, leading the team behind him and is able to change the situation on the field at any point in the game. Who knows what would the results have been achieved if they are not injured because of which one was missing an entire season). Also, the absence of the "sky well-known stars, influenced by two very important factors: the absence of any international club competition (Champions Cup started in 1986) and the prohibition on intervention in the championships in other countries players registered Saudi Arabia Football Federation.,

. As a player Majed Abdullah was widely known in Asia and very sorry that the Player of the Year Asia, have begun to identify only since 1995, by the time he left the team (after the World Cup-1994).

. In 1998, studies were carried out by experts from FIFA and held for the national team Majed games were excluded seven
. Officially recognized by FIFA, that he had held for the team 140 games! What was the world record in 1994, having held out 3 years! Now Majed is on the ninth place in the "guards" in the history of world football.

. Records:
. -Best Sniper Saudi League 6 times (1979/80/81/83/86/89), and 3 times in a row.
. -National record for number of goals scored in the championship - 189 goals.
. -Played in the national league 20 years (1977-1997)
. -In the national team 5 goals in one game against Qatar in 1979, in 1981, he repeated the record in the game against Indonesia
. -In 1989, he scored 5 goals in the gates of the club "Alrowdah"
. -Another national record: 4 goals in 15 minutes in a match against India in the qualifying rounds of the Olympic Games 1984
. (Total he scored 13 goals, including the only goal in the team final tournament) According to the IFFHS takes 3rd place in the top ten best players of the twentieth century Asia.

. Goals balls:
. -A total of 533:
. -67 Goals for the national team in the class "A"
. -142 Goals for the national team in the class "B"
. -324 Goals for the club Al-Nasr in the official and friendly games
. First-ball scored 18.3.1977 against "Alwihdah"
. -The first official game ball for the national team in Bangkok in December 1978, against Qatar
. Last-ball for the team in official games, 18.5.1993, in the qualifying game against Kuwait to the World Cup-1994
. Last-ball scored for Al-Nasr 10.4.1998 against Kopetdag "Turkmenistan in Cup semi-final of Champions
. Best-sniper team and the club Al-Nasr

. Games:
. -The first game in major league 20.1.1977 against "Alshabab"
. -Held for the national team Class A - 140 games
. -Participated in the Olympic Games 1984 and World Cup 1994.
. -The last game for the national team against Belgium in 29/6/1994 World Cup 1994 in which Saudi Arabia won 1:0
. -Last game of the Al-Nasr 12/4/1998 Champions Cup final, won by Al-Nasr "1:0

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Majed Abdullah, photo, biography
Majed Abdullah, photo, biography Majed Abdullah  football player, photo, biography
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