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Bwalya Kalusha

( football player)

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Biography Bwalya Kalusha
photo Bwalya Kalusha
Born August 16, 1963.
Country Zambia
. Position Striker
. Clubs: Mufulira Blackpool "(1979), . "Mafulira Wanderers (both Zambia) (1980-1986), . "Cercle Brugge (Belgium) (1986-1989), . "Eynhoven PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) (1989-1994), . "America" (1994-1997), . "Necaxa" (1997), . "Leon" (all of Mexico) (1998), . Al-Wahda (UAE) (1998), . "Irapuato" (1999), . "Veracruz" (1999), . "Korrekaminos" (all of Mexico) (2000),
. Achievements: Member of the final tournament of 1982 African Cup, . 1986, . 1990, . 1992, . 1994 (2 nd prize-winner), . 1996 (3rd winner, . top scorer of the tournament), . 1998, . 2000, . Member of the Olympic Games 1988 (by a hat-Japan team at the gate of Italy), . Best African Footballer 1988,
Team 1983-2000: held 61 games, scored 23 goals.

In 2001, in the history of African Football has closed one of the most vivid and exciting pages. Zambian Kalusha Bwalya, . becomes at once the best player of the Dark Continent, . announced the termination of his playing career, . began 21 years ago and crowded as a triumph, . and tragediey.37-year-old former player, PSV Eindhoven "and" America "has rejected the proposal persistent leadership of the Mexican second-division club" Korrekaminos "continue in this team.,

. Former captain and coach of Zambia, . the best player in Africa in 1988, . culminating in 1994 his team to the finals of the African Cup of Nations (less than a year after plane crash, . claimed the lives of most of the strongest players of the Central African country) decided to enter the coaching of another club's second division of the Mexican "Potros Marte.,

. The brightest moments of his career were the years spent in Belgium, Cercle Brugge, Dutch "PSV", in which he or she became the champion of Holland
. Another memorable moment - a hat-trick in the gate Sat. Italy in the match of the Olympic tournament in 1988, won with a score of 4:0.

The saddest moment - April 23, 1993, when Bwalya told that all partners of the team died in a plane crash on the outskirts of Libreville in Gabon. The team went to Senegal in World Cup qualifying game in 1994, a little later from the Netherlands was to join the team and team captain.

. Three months later, an update command is created around it, and still one of the players playing in Europe - the namesake of Johnson Bwalya, a Moroccan national team won 2:1, losing in the course of the match
. Both Bwalya scored on a ball. But in the end Sat. Zambia did not have a goal to reach the final of World Cup-1994. But in the same 1994 they reached the final of the African Cup, behind in the match hanging Sat. Nigeria 1:2.

. Two years later, the captain led his team to a bronze medal of the continent, becoming the 5-ball best scorer of the tournament.

. In all such accounts participate in six African Championships.

. In these years the team has a unique achievement in Zambia: lost in the September 1986 friendly match with 0:1 Zaire, they lost 13 years in home games! Until September 1999
. It is difficult to imagine that this record will be broken.

. Career Milestones:
. -Born on 16.08.1963 in Mufulira, Zambia.
. -1979 Year, scores a goal in his debut match for "Mufulira Blackpool"
. -1980 Year passes in "Mufulira Wanderers, the most popular club in Zambia.
. -1983 Year organized the first match for the national team, scored the year Sat
. Uganda 3:0
-1986 Year, the first in 20 years, converted to the European club football Zambia. "Cercle Brugge for his signature had paid $ 25000. First for his Africa Cup in Egypt
-1988 Year from Sat. Zambia reach the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament. In dispute scorers with 6 balls ranked second with Igor Dobrovolsky. First place - Romario 7 goals. Recognized African Footballer of the Year
. -1989 Year goes to "PSV Eindhoven"
. -1992 Year becomes captain
. -1993 Year avoids crash, the new team is formed around
. -1994 Year "silver" African Cup, the transition in the Mexican "America"
. -1996 Year "bronze" and the African Cup top scorer of the tournament prize
. -1997 Year transition to the Mexican "Necaxa"
. -1998 Year transition in "Leon", then "Al Fahd" (UAE), captain in the African Cup of Nations in Burkina Faso
. -1999 Year return to Mexico, Irapuato ", then" Vera Cruz "
. -2000 Year, scores a goal in his farewell tournament Cup of Nations in Nigeria, and leaves the team, goes into "Korrekaminos" (the second division of the Mexican championship)
. -2001 Announces the end of his playing career, becoming the second coach of the Mexican second-division "Potros Mart

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Bwalya Kalusha, photo, biography
Bwalya Kalusha, photo, biography Bwalya Kalusha  football player, photo, biography
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