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VARALO Francisco

( football player)

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Biography VARALO Francisco
photo VARALO Francisco
Born February 5, 1910
Country Argentina.
Position Striker
Clubs: "gymnasium and Esgrima La Plata, Boca Juniors Buenos Aires (1931-1939, 181 goal - a club record) (both Argentina).
Titles: Winner of the America's Cup 1936, Argentina Champion 1929, 1931, 1934, 1935, Member of the World Cup 1930.
Team 1930-1937: held 16 matches and scored 6 goals.
. Now Francisco Varalo more than 90 years, but he left a significant mark in the history of Boca Juniors and even football in general.

. "Football has always been my passion, even when due to the transition to" side "of the former club's fans disliked me and I could not bear to leave the house," - remembers Varalo.

. Varalo began his career in the gymnasium and Esgrime de La Plata ", but now his name is associated with Boca Juniors
. He became the top scorer in the history of this club. In the "side" Varalo passed at the time for the huge price 10 000 pesos. "Change for me was very great. The "Gymnasium" I got on the strength of 10 pesos per game, in the "Boke" I was paid 8 000 and in addition to the 800 pesos a month ". Varalo remembers that the first salary he Builded parents' home in La Plata, the one where he lives now.

Debut Varalo held in the first game of professional soccer May 31, 1931 against the "Chacarita". "We were supposed to be unemployed and to adapt to the requirements of professional League. It is only natural that we have ceased to be amateurs, because they get traffic, promotion, etc. "In the beginning of the daily professional soccer training were not the responsibility of players. Varalo recalls that in the "Gymnasium" practiced once before each game, and when he moved to the "side", was surprised that the train here three times a week.

. Later I was invited to play in Italy and thirty thousand pesos per shift plus 3 000 per month
. But the stubborn elder son, . the father simply asked: "What will happen to your mother?" Varalo chose to stay in the "Boke", . which became the champion of the country in 1931, . 1934 and 1935, . and besides the World Cup in Uruguay, together with the national team became vice-champion, . In 1937, the champion of South America.,

. Varalo had bumps and excellent speed, played equally with both feet, his only drawback was a pretty bad game head: "Of the 181 of my goals, with 5 goals scored
. It's always been a problem for me. "

. From football Varalo was forced to withdraw in 1939, when he was 29 years old, because of old knee injury which he received in 1930.

. Name Varalo became a legend of local football, a reminder of those times
. But he was an ardent admirer of modern football: "Football has changed and why I am defending the guys who play today. We played not so hard: but do not interfere with past and present ", - has finished a living witness of the first game in professionalism.

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VARALO Francisco, photo, biography
VARALO Francisco, photo, biography VARALO Francisco  football player, photo, biography
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