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SMITH Willard

( Actor)

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Biography SMITH Willard
photo SMITH Willard
Willard Smith II was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, United States, the average American family. His mother - Caroline - worked at a local school, and his father - Willard Smith, a senior - had a small refrigeration company.

. As a child, Will has earned himself the nickname 'Prince' for his ability to get out of any trouble with the help of gab and his charm
. Subsequently, this nickname became part of the creative artist's nickname. Even at school, Will fond of rap, . and this enthusiasm gradually acquired forms of professional activity, . When Will, along with his friend - rapper Jeff Townes organized a rap duo and began to perform under the aliases DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince,
. Their songs were popular, two albums were platinum, and the work 'He's the DJ' and 'I'm the Rapper' were awarded the Grammy.

. Smith saved an unexpected proposal by a producer of Warner Brothers to play a major role in a television series
. The rapper had to actually play itself - a steep black guy, the fates decreed abandoned in Beverly Hills. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (it was the name of this series) has made Smith the rapper-actor in the Smith and allowed him to pay all debts.

Soon after Smith decided to move from television to the big screen, starring in several films. His performance in the film Six Degrees of exclusion has been well appreciated by critics.

The first significant commercial success came with the militants "Bad Boys" in which Will Smith and Martin Lawrence appears as a steep bezbashennyh police. Smith's career after this film went to the hill. Fantastic action movie "Independence Day" with his participation became a commercial hit, . and the subsequent super popular action comedy "Men in Black" not only to consolidate this success, . but returned to the Smith-rapper at first from the point of music charts with tracks from the soundtrack of the picture,
. Inspired by the success of the single 'Men in Black' Smith soon released two new album 'Big Willie Style' and 'Willenium', which immediately appeared on top of the charts.

Life actor during this period has also undergone some changes. In 1995, after 3 years of living together, Will divorced his first wife, Sherry Zampino, and their son, Willard Smith III (or just Trey), stayed with his mother. After 2 years, in 1997, Will married his longtime girlfriend, actress Jada Pinkett.

. After the commercial success of "Independence Day" and "Men in Black", as well as Will's success in the musical arena, Hollywood producers began to be said that any initiative is doomed to Smith's success
. This proved tape "enemy state" in which Will has played in a pair with Gene Hekmenom. However, the attempt to reincarnate the actor in a cowboy in the Wild, Wild West, directed by "Men In Black, Barry Sonnenfeld was a complete failure, not even pay for the budget picture, and having received 'antinagrady' Razzie as worst film of the year.

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SMITH Willard, photo, biography
SMITH Willard, photo, biography SMITH Willard  Actor, photo, biography
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