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Peter Ushkov Kapitonovich

( The well-known breeder of chemical and industrial activities)

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Biography Peter Ushkov Kapitonovich
Peter Ushkov Kapitonovich - known breeder of chemical and industrial activities, an outstanding pioneer of Russian chemical industry (1840 - 1898). Born Elabujskiy district, Vyatka province. U. received a modest education in urban school in Yelabuga. In 1868 he inherited from his father K.YA. Ushkova small hrompikovy plant (Kokshansky) in Elabuga County, . which incidentally, . except potassium bichromate, . the first time in Russia was given the production of sulfuric acid from pyrites (Uralic), . He studied the practice of the chemical factory case during his numerous trips to Russia and especially abroad, . England and Germany, . where he met with the statement of the case to the largest chemical plants,
. This greatly helped the well and its interaction with leading Russian and foreign chemists, technicians and scientists (Mendeleev, Zaitsev, Kanonnikov, Cl. Winkler, Hasenklewer and others). After consolidating and expanding the activities Kokshanskogo plant, Y. soon established a second plant, Bondyuzhsky, 30 miles from Yelabuga, on the river. Kama, who like the variety and size of its production, and on the model setting, won in the 90 years of almost the first place among all Russian chemical plants. These two plants have. The manufacture of the following products: oil of vitriol, . sulfate, . hydrochloric and nitric acids, . caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) by the method of Leblanc, . chlorine and chlorine (belilnoy) lime on Veldonovskomu method, . potassium bichromate, . dvuhromovonatrievoy salt and chromium alums, . sulphate of alumina and alumina alum, . copper and iron sulfate, . mummies and metallic copper from pyrite and candle ends, . Finally, . acid clay cookware,
. Besides, . for their own factory need ibid. maketh plain and firebrick, . rolled sheet lead for sulfur cells, . baked lime, . manufactured iron and other castings, . operate extensive machine shops and mills for grinding materials,
. U. the merit of allegations here in Russia and the placement of a large scale production of sulfuric acid (vitriol) of pyrites, . introduction of extracting copper from pyrite Ogarkov by hydrometallurgical, . production of caustic soda from artificial sulphate by the method of Leblanc and bleach,
. Bondyuzhsky works only in Russia, produces the final product. In the last years of life have. prepared the statement of the same Bondyuzhskom plant for the first time we regeneration of soda ash dumps in the way Censu. He also first used oil as fuel, in chemical industries, such as for burning lime, and pr. Plants have. processed almost exclusively Russian raw materials and lead the Russian technicians. Last Y. been achieved only at the end of his life. The variety, breadth and model, it is a European production of production, and well-furnished laboratories and excellent special library, the plants have. an excellent school to work for them young chemists, technologists, from which repeatedly came out and then specialists are known for their published works, and even professors of higher technical education, what, eg, K. Dementiev, PP. Fedotov and others.

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Peter Ushkov Kapitonovich, photo, biography
Peter Ushkov Kapitonovich, photo, biography Peter Ushkov Kapitonovich  The well-known breeder of chemical and industrial activities, photo, biography
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