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Mireille Mathieu

( Singer)

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Biography Mireille Mathieu
photo Mireille Mathieu
Mireille Mathieu (22 July 1947)
. I think about Mireille Mathieu is already known to all: the family grew up in a mason with fourteen brothers and sisters, left school and worked at the factory, musical career began at age 16 friends and family call her Mimi, she loves horses, and wild flowers
. Today Mireille was the same personification of France, as a Bordeaux wine or spirits Chanel.

More precisely, its export version, as in their homeland Mathieu did not become a symbol of the nation. She even tried to seek his fortune in America. For Russians, the singer is always a welcome guest and sign age. She was never married, she has no children. "This is my choice. I was no sacrifice. In my life there are only two main things: singing and my family - my mother, brothers and sisters. "

In 13 years, Mireille throws unloved school, where there was a round dvoechnitsey, and settles on the plant. Only her passion - singing. She sings in the church choir, and a duet with her father, an ardent admirer of the opera.

. The path to world recognition for Mireille Mathieu began at age 16 when she, the eldest daughter in a large family Avignon mason, won the contest for young talents.

. In 1965, the municipality sends Avignon Mireille in Paris to participate in the TV show "The game of luck"
. And luck favors her ... On set Mireille met her guardian angel - a well known producer Johnny Stark. It was Stark, who became its permanent manager, made Mathieu world stars.

. The real success was waiting for the singer in 1966 - for 6 months has sold a million (!) Of the plates, followed by Mireille entered the pantheon of French first-magnitude stars
. Abundant natural talent, high musical culture, and beautiful vocal allowed her as soon as possible to achieve unprecedented success in the chanson. Democracy, orientation to the widest audience - all this is characteristic of creativity Mireille.

In the 20 years she made her debut in the prestigious "Olympia" with Johnny Stark, then traveled the world and recorded his best hits. To this day, actively touring singer, she writes songs, released album after album.

. It does not have the dramatic power of Piaf, Dalida stylishness or aristocratic, it pinned down on the stage and sings on the "wrong" in French, too rolling his r
. "Ninety-nine percent of my success - it is work and work", - says Mathieu. And attention to the audience.

The singer is proud that for decades introduces numerous audience with the traditional French song culture, for which he was awarded the Order of the region from the hands of the president. Mireille Mathieu became the most famous Frenchwoman in the world - it is not surprising that the authorities turned to her with a request to pose for the production model's bust of Marianne, who as a symbol of France, as usual, is in each municipality.

. Friendly relations with Russia, the singer began in the distant 60's, when the concerts Mireille were a window to Europe for Russian citizens
. Years passed, times have changed, but the attitude toward this star man, once to hear, can not be changed. And probably why the March concert artist have been sold out with the same. At this time in the capital of the singer brought her mother and friends, who enthusiastically admired the snowy grandeur of Moscow and the Kremlin walls.

. We Mireille Mathieu have a little trade secret: to reach out to the hearts of new threads, . yesterday distant listeners, . and pay tribute to the people, . support provided to the hospitality, . she, . usually, . learns a song in the language of the country, . where she will speak,
. The Moscow concert was no exception, and the singer sang "Moscow Nights" and "Dark Eyes", fascinated several thousand attending the incredible power and beauty of voice is familiar around the world.

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Mireille Mathieu, photo, biography
Mireille Mathieu, photo, biography Mireille Mathieu  Singer, photo, biography
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