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Gladilin Anatoly Tihonovich

( Writer)

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Biography Gladilin Anatoly Tihonovich
Gladilin, ANATOLIY TIKHONOVICH (p. 1935), Russian writer. Born August 21, 1935 in Moscow. After leaving school he worked as an electrician, working for several months he studied at a military school. In 1954-1958 he studied at the Literary Institute. Gorky. Was i.o. head of the department of art and culture of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets', the editor of the film studio. Gorky, traveled around the country.
. Fast and loud fame has brought Gladilin first novel "The chronicle of Viktor Podgursky, . published in the journal 'Youth' (1956) - body was then a kind of opposition of Romanticism, . Inauguration of young talented outsiders Soviet establishment and bring a wave of national literature 'posleottepelnoy' confessional prose,
. The found Gladilin theme vague yearnings and anxiety, . irresistible inner loneliness of living and sincere person in the world of regulated property was developed, and in his later works: in the story "forefront" (1958), . tales " 'Brigantine' raises the sail,
. Story of a loser "," Smoke in the eyes. A tale of ambition "(both 1959)," New Year's Day "(1963), most of all - the novel" The History of a Company "(1965) with its principal, clearly autobiographical hero - infantile dreamer, as well as in the novel" The forecast for tomorrow (publ. In 1972 overseas), and even in the stories of "Songs of a gold mine" (1960, . sketch character) and "Eternal trip" (1962), . born as a result fueled in the early 1960's official propaganda search for 'real' men in Siberia and the Far East,

. The tendency to dry and rigorous, . stressed the protocol presentation and introduction to the text of 'material life' (diary, . Letters, . newspaper and radio, . proving the authenticity or mimic, and thereby maximize the credibility of the narrative) withdrawn Gladilin beyond repetitive in his works, and therefore acquiring certain features of a schematic of conflict confrontation nonconformists and modern society to a truly documenting the historical narrative - the book, . built on 'collage' principle Citation scientific papers, . background, etc.,
. material, interspersed with the Scene 'bridges' and author's comments: "The Gospel of Robespierre" (1970) and "Dreams Shlisselburgskaya Fortress. Story of Hippolytus Myshkin "(1974), and, in fact, dating back to the problem of relationship between man and the state, the right of the first to revolt - and the fees for the desire to exercise this right and 'redefined' being

. Abroad, published numerous stories and novels ( "Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra", . Tiger crossing the street ", . Both 1976; Zaporozhets, . 1977; Rehearsal on Friday, . 1978, . collections of "The Paris Fair, . 1980, . "What I was then", . 1986), . as well as the novels of the "Great race-day" (1983), . where a certain teacher, . compulsive gamblers at the racetrack and amateur political thinker, . gets the job of the KGB to play the sweepstakes in France, . to obtain currency for the USSR, . and as a result, . losers and squander, . returns home with nothing, "French Soviet Socialist Republic" (1985) - anti-Utopia of bad experiences establishment of Soviet power in the home of Napoleon, . cinematic fragmented and chronological sequence of the description and claims to the illusion of authenticity, . except that an adjustable self-irony of the narrator, . and "I killed the beast Pell" (1989) - autobiographical, . where the protagonist, . Journalist Radio Liberty, . eventually killed himself, . communicates with both false, . and with the actual figures of Russian emigration (Aksenova, . Nekrasova, . A. Galich).,

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Gladilin Anatoly Tihonovich, photo, biography
Gladilin Anatoly Tihonovich, photo, biography Gladilin Anatoly Tihonovich  Writer, photo, biography
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