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Kurchatkina Anatoly

( Russian writer.)

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Biography Kurchatkina Anatoly
Kurchatkina, Anatoly N. (p. 1944), Russian writer. Born November 23, 1944 in Sverdlovsk. Childhood was spent in the factory town Uralmash, where his parents worked as an engineer and where he was later a milling machine and a technician, designer, while studying at evening classes, Ural Polytechnic Institute. After serving in the army (1963-1966), leaving the institute, he worked in Sverdlovsk youth newspaper 'replaced! ". He graduated from the Literary Institute. Maxim Gorky (1967-1972), worked in magazines' Our contemporary '(1972),' Students' Meridian '(1973-1977).

Representative of a so-called. 'prose forties', . combining naturalistic narrative, with particular attention to the daily existence of the common man and acute social criticism, . Kurchatkin released several collections of novellas and short stories ( "Seven days a week", . 1977; 'Move to the middle of the season ", . 1978 "In Moskow, . 1981), . which manifested itself first and foremost expert on the social life 'bottom', . people unsettled, . restless, . often attracted to the criminal world,
. These Gena Fomin - the hero of the story "Thomas from our yard" (1966, publ. 1986), 'shaloputny bully and unsuccessful thief, a drunkard and disabled, lost to the country people', and Vitaly - the hero of the story "Hamlet from the village of Houches" ( 'Hamlet I have no sword ... Gamloput ...'). Idealistic desire for truth and the pain of disappointment, . search for unusual experiences and social apathy, . desire to fit into society and distrust of him, . 'povsyudnoe destruction of old values and started craving for their attainment "(from the article Kuraeva" the calm ", . 1980) - these characteristics of 'stagnant' time are reflected in the numerous stories of the writer, . and in the story "Gasification" (1981), . and the novel "Evening Light" (1979-1980, publ,
. 1985 with the censor cuts, the total red. 1989)

. Prose Kurchatkina adjustment period with pain reveals new aspects of the degradation of society: the cult of money, . encouraged by the 'top' the development of dry pragmatism and selfishness, . which resists the primordial need for people in the goodness, . Understanding, . high ideals (novel "Spring song", . 1989, . with its main character, . 'chudikom' Peter Goryachev, . kind of modern Don Quixote, . full of romantic indestructible faith in the noble meaning to human existence; novel "Strц¦е+nice", . 1993, . heroine whose, . Convinced Communist, . hopefully take Gorbachev's perestroika, . all the powers of the soul directs to 'oberezheniyu' and its leader, dies, . untimely and symbolic, . the day of the collapse of the USSR),
. The problem is not only unfeasible, . but the danger of social utopias, . speak bitterly sobriety or senseless cruelty of the new totalitarianism, . read in a fantastic tale Kurchatkina "Notes of an extremist: Book unreal prose" (1990), . which tells the story of enthusiasts, . voluntarily, . despite the bureaucratic, . gone underground to build a subway, . whose work was not only unnecessary, . because during this time in the city was built elevated road, . but harmful, . TK,
. severe conditions of construction under the ground have created an even more rigid social structure, . than that, . by enthusiasts once rejected, . as well as philosophical esseisticheskoy, . not devoid avtobiografizma Kurchatkina book "Portrait of a romantic young man" (1991),
. Conventionality, plot experiment as a way of testing, inspection, evidence of a fundamentally important point Kurchatkina prose brings to the artistic world of HG Wells, Franz Kafka, Zamyatin, etc.. authors, differing, however, the taste for more vivid, sensually palpable realities and recognizable, 'spelled out' in a particular local and temporal situation of the characters.

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Kurchatkina Anatoly, photo, biography
Kurchatkina Anatoly, photo, biography Kurchatkina Anatoly  Russian writer., photo, biography
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