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Basie, William

( African-American jazz musician, pianist.)

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Biography Basie, William
Basie, William 'Count' (Basie, William 'Count') (1904-1984), African-American jazz musician, pianist. William Basie was born in Red Bank (pc. New Jersey) August 21, 1904. Became 'Count' (Count), already a famous musician, though, like Ellington ( 'Duke'), he studied piano from childhood.
Count Basie grew up (in contrast to the Ellington) to Kansas City to 30 years satisfied the role of a pianist in a local orchestra, Benny Moutena and if not for the sudden death of the latter may never have become leader. In 1935 (when Ellington had already managed to speak with a triumph in Europe and make friends among the coronation of persons) Basie still hire people in my first band (from Benny Moutena he left several people, . mostly rhythm section), . but just over two years (with the support of producer John Hammond) was able to create an exemplary team of swing era,
. By arranging for his team played and continue to play hundreds of jazz orchestras of the world. Ellington aspired to composing expression 'through' his soloists, Basie, by contrast, as little as possible to interfere in the natural course of events. Indicative became even his manner of playing the piano - he almost never soloist, his occasional chords or even individual notes, it seemed only punctuation marks are arranged in an already played arrangements of. Ellington and his musicians admired at a distance, the arrangers and soloists Basie did not hesitate to learn how our senior comrades. Light and airy, . rather it implies, . than audible, . accompanied by his rhythm section with a constant guitar Freddie Green (for half a century, . seems, . did not play a single solo) maximum set off improvisations of soloists, . which could not attract the attention boperov (from the style of 'bop' or 'bop') - modern jazz musicians (though, . Charlie Parker, . Like the rest of Basie Orchestra, . was also from Kansas City), . Game saxophonist Lester Young and the occasional appearance of singer Billie Holiday opened the horizons of style 'Cool', . which jazz came only at the turn of 1940-1950-ies,

. Count Basie did not consider himself a composer or, . nor even arranger, . although without things, . written for his band and with his participation (eg, . One O'Clock Jump, . Shiny Stockings, . Allraight, . OK You Win and 'contracted by the' ballads April in Paris), . there would be no modern big-bendovogo repertoire,
. Arrangers Neil Hefte, . Sam Nestiko, . Quincy Jones started at Basie and become better masters of their trade (Jones became one of the most prominent producers, he owns the musical leadership of the most successful project in the history of pop music - the album Thriller by Michael Jackson),

Not surprisingly, the great Basie band accompanied singers - from bluesmen Jimmy Rushing and Joe Williams to the vocal trio Lambert - Hendricks - Ross and of the Frank Sinatra.

Trumpeter Thad Jones, with drummer Mel Louis have created your own band (he toured the USSR in 1972) in the image of Big Band Basie. Tenor saxophonist Frank Foster has become the right hand of the maestro and after his death led the team. But the orchestra, he visited the USSR in the mid-1990's, however, has led other saxophonist - Grover Mitchell.

Count Basie died in Hollywood (pc. Florida) April 16, 1984.

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Basie, William, photo, biography
Basie, William, photo, biography Basie, William  African-American jazz musician, pianist., photo, biography
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