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Beach Boys

( American vocal-instrumental group)

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Biography Beach Boys
photo Beach Boys
Beach Boys (Beach Boys), American vocal-instrumental group, the core of which were brothers Wilsons (Wilson) - Brian (Brian, p. 1942), Dennis (Dennis, 1944-1983) and Karl (Carl, p. 1946), and Alan Jardine (Alan Jardine, P. 1942) and Mike Love (Mike Love, p. 1941). Originated in 1961.

In early 1960 five from California has become a kind of American response to the Beatles to make a similar, but the original spirit and sound version of rock music. Three brothers, Wilson and two of their friends, neighbors, in 1961 created a vocal-instrumental group: Brian, Carl and Alan played guitar Dennis - drums. Sweet-high-pitched voice Mike soloist, helped him fond of folk-rock, Alan. At the same time the young musicians have a chance to make a test recording in a Hollywood music company. Brian and Mike wrote the first song called Surfin '- ie. "Riding on the wave of the surf". Demo-tape was approved, and the quintet has received an appropriate mood of the debut No Name 'Beach Boys' (literally 'beach boys'), quickly released a record, a few months out of national hit parade. By the time of first appearance in public, in the New Year's Eve 1961, in the repertoire of 'Beach Boys' were only three songs. Concert performance was successful, . and the following year the quintet went on a tour of American cities, . where they drew the attention of managers of a major record company 'Capitol', . released their first single 'Beach Boys' style' surf rock '- "Beach Safaris" (Surfin' Safari, . 1962), . "Serfingistka" (Surfer Girl, . 1963) and "Surfing USA" (Surfin 'USA, . 1963), . which later became part of the first album,

. 'Beach Boys' combined elements of 'soft' rock 'n' roll, . country music and folk-rock in a recognizable and unique style, . otlivshiysya in such works of the mid-1960, . as "Help me, . Rhonda "(Help Me Rhonda), . "California Girls" (California Girls), . "Barbara Ann" (Barbara Ann) and "Pleasant vibrations" (Good Vibrations),
. At the peak of the success of Brian Wilson left the group, focusing on the musical work 'behind the scenes', and his place in the quintet was invited by Bruce Johnston (Bruce Johnston). In December 1966 'Beach Boys' in a survey of the influential British magazine Melody-maker 'were recognized as the best rock group, ousting the Beatles'. However, at this point become apparent friction with the studio manager 'Capitol'. Until the end of the 1960 Quintet in a state of almost a creative crisis, caused by cooling of the audience to their corporate identity.

In 1970 a contract with the 'Capitol' has expired, and the band signed a new contract with the firm 'Reprise', which released their album "Sunflower" (Sunflower). In 1970-1971 the band played several successful concerts. During the 1970's quintet actually rest on old laurels. New albums group included mostly hits the 1960's or 'live' recording of concerts. The tragic death in 1983, Dennis, paradoxically, brought together members of the ensemble. Still remaining quintet (after the death of Brian Dennis returned to the scene), the group throughout the 1980's continued to produce records and perform live.

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Beach Boys, photo, biography
Beach Boys, photo, biography Beach Boys  American vocal-instrumental group, photo, biography
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