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CORELL Arcangelo

( Italian composer, violinist)

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Biography CORELL Arcangelo
Corell, Arcangelo (Corelli, Arcangelo) (1653-1717), Italian composer, violinist, founder of classical school of violin playing, which in its main principles remained to this day. Born February 17, 1653 in Fuzinyano near Bologna. Place of an old and influential family, which gave the Italian eminent jurists, scientists, poets. Already in childhood Corelli showed brilliant musical talent, and at age 13 he was sent to Bologna to study violin playing. He studied at Dzh.Benvenuti, as well as in the Venetian L. Brunoli. Became a member of the famous Bologna Philharmonic Academy (1670). On the period from 1670 to 1675 in the life of a musician unknown. In 1675 Corelli appeared in Rome, and it is here that unfolds its activities, at the very beginning marked by brilliant successes. He became a frequent guest at the palace of the Swedish Queen Christina, she devoted to the works of Corelli, published in 1681, at her home, the first execution korellievskih concerti grossi (published posthumously). In 1687 Corelli went to Cardinal conductor Panfil, two years later we find him in the same position at Cardinal Ottoboni AP: Cardinal was so fascinated by the art of Corelli, which put him in his palace and treated him as a friend. In 1706 Corelli was elected a member of the Arcadian Academy - the most refined scientific societies in Italy, at the same time with him in this Academy included B. Pasquini and A. Scarlatti. Corelli led a modest life and loved to retire in his unpretentious home among books and pictures.

Unlike most Italian composers of that era, who wrote a lot and in all genres, Corelli published during his lifetime only a few instrumental compositions, namely: 4 collection of trio sonatas for two violins and basso continuo (op. 1, 1681; op. 2, 1685; op. 3, 1689; op. 4, 1694), a collection of sonatas for violin and basso continuo (op. 5, 1700). Posthumously published collection of concerti grossi (op. 6, 1714). All of these works, especially the violin sonatas of Op. 5, enjoyed the fame, in particular, op. 5 to 18. reprinted in Italy, France, Holland and England, about forty times. The beauty of melody, polished style, severity of forms evoked the admiration. Indeed, Corelli made perfect specimens predklassicheskih genres sonatas and concertos. However, he opposed the passion and virtuoso playing on the strings and laid the foundations of classical violin technique, which originated in imitation of the human voice, a vocal, melodic beginning. Although to Corelli art of violin numbered in Italy for at least a half-century, it is considered the head of his great national school of violin. Her students continued their tradition of Corelli - L. SOMIS, F. Gasparini, F. Geminiani, raise a new generation of violinists - G. Pugnani and Dzh.B.Viotti. The principles of the Italian school formed the basis of the Franco-Belgian violin school, which in one way or another belonged to all the great violinists of the 19. Corelli died in Rome on January 8, 1713.

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CORELL Arcangelo, photo, biography
CORELL Arcangelo, photo, biography CORELL Arcangelo  Italian composer, violinist, photo, biography
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