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John Gielgud Arthur

( British film and theater actor)

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Biography John Gielgud Arthur
Gielgud, John Arthur (Gielgud, John Arthur) (1904-2000), British film and theater actor, director. Born April 14, 1904 in London. From early childhood, joined the theatrical world, the beginning of 1920 graduated from drama school Lady Benson and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Gielgud Theater debut took place in London's 'Old Vic' in 1921, when he came on stage in the role of a herald in Shakespeare's play "Henry V". In 1930, first played the role of Hamlet and later performed it over 500 times. For many years, acted on stage Shakespeare Memorial Theater. In 1937 Gielgud established his own troupe in the Royal Theater, which staged the classic repertoire. For his theatrical productions on Broadway Gielgud was thrice awarded 'Tony'

. His first film role played in 1924 (in the silent film "Who is this man?" - Who Is the Man? W. Summers) and further established itself as the executor of colorful characters in the background - as, . example, . intelligencer Eshenden early Hitchcock film "The Secret Agent" (Secret Agent, . 1936) or Aynigo Dzholifant gay actor in a musical comedy "Good friends" (The Good Companions),
. Of his few screen works 1930-1940-ies the biggest role was the British prime minister and politician of the Victorian era of Disraeli in the biographical film T. Dickinson "Prime Minister" (The Prime Minister, 1941). In 1953, creates a vivid image tiranobortsa Cassius in Hollywood interpretation of "Julius Caesar" (Julius Caesar, directed. J. Mankiewicz), plays Clarence in "Richard III" (Richard III, dir. L. Olivier, 1955), withdrawn in "Romeo and Juliet" (Romeo and Juliet, 1954) R. Castellani. It is in the roles of the second plan Gielgud achieves impressive expression and the highest level of recognition - so, . for the role of French King Louis VII in the film P. Glennvila "Becket" (Becket, . 1964) on the play by Jean Anouilh its Nominated for Oscar in the category of 'Best Actor',
. Beginning with the 1960 Gielgud goes into Position minor 'age' hero, . easily perevoploschayas not only in the native Britons (Lord Raglan in the "Charge of the Light Brigade" - The Charge of the Light Brigade, . 1968, . Lord Irwin in "Gandhi" - Gandhi, . servant Beddous in "Murder on the Orient Express" - Murder On the Orient Express), . but in the heroes of other nations and distant ages (Sheikh Sharif El-Gariani in "Leo the Desert" - Lion of the Desert, . 1981, . Cardinal in "Galilee" - Galileo, . 1975, . Senator in "Caligula" - Caligula, . 1980),
. For secondary role wit-butler in the comedy "Arthur" (Arthur, 1981, dir. C. Gordon) Gielgud was awarded 'Oscar'.

In 1991, 87-year-old actor appeared in the role of the magician Prospero in "Prospero's Books" (Prospero's Books, 1991) P. Greenaway. Anemic, but majestic hero Gielgud made a link in a bizarre mosaic of phantasmagoric images, very far from the traditional interpretation of Shakespeare's The Tempest. At the turn of the century he appeared in episodes of several bands ( "First Knight" - The First Knight, . 1995, . "Hamlet" - Hamlet, . 1997, . "Elizabeth" - Elizabeth, . 1998), . in other scenes his voice-over ( "Heart of the Dragon" - Dragonheart, . 1996, . "In Search of Camelot" - Quest for Camelot, . 1998),
. His last film role Gielgud played in 2000 in the film "Holocaust" (Catastrophe) the play by S. Beckett (dir. D. Memet).

Gielgud died in g.Eylsberi (county of Buckinghamshire, England), May 21, 2000.

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John Gielgud Arthur, photo, biography
John Gielgud Arthur, photo, biography John Gielgud Arthur  British film and theater actor, photo, biography
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