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BeyoncL Knowles

( Singer)

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Biography BeyoncL Knowles
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BeyoncL Knowles (full name BeyoncL Giselle Knowles) was born September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. His first steps towards the big stage BeyoncL starts at age 7, doing dances and participating in church choir. In many ways it defines its future path. In the early 90's BeyoncL Knowles, along with his cousin Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson form a team. Soon the group joins another member LaToya Luckett, and the trio becomes a quartet of creative. Manager becomes the father of BeyoncL - Mathew Knowles. Thus begins the ascent of one of the greatest female R'n'B-groups - Destiny's Child.

In 1998 the band recorded its self-titled debut album Destiny's Child. The first album of the team is successful and acquires multi-platinum status. The record differs around the world with a circulation of 33 million. copies. The main single from the album 'No No No', produced by Jean Uayklifom, breaks at the top of the charts the USA and UK. Summer 1999 they released the album 'The Writing's On The Wall'. A year later, leaving the group two participants - Roberson and Luckett. Motivating reason for his withdrawal financial disagreements with the manager of Knowles, who also, according to the girls who pays too much attention to the team to his daughter and niece. Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams arrive to replace the two retired member. But the dramatic events taking place in the group, not an end, and six months later, Franklin left the band. His further activities Destiny's Child still had three, and BeyoncL Knowles takes on the role of team leader and the author of many songs. Spring of 2001 to stores, there is a new working group - the album 'Survivor', which once ranked first in the U.S. hit parade. In October, the trio encouraged his fans to their Christmas album '8 Days of Christmas'. But soon, Knowles, Rowland and Michelle Williams decide to suspend the activities of the group time and do solo projects. "I love Destiny's Child, and I'm still in the group. We are not going to fall apart, we plan to continue to address and record music, and most importantly - be a group ', - said BeyoncL.

. BeyoncL became the first black performer and a second woman, was awarded a prize as 'Author pop songs, the' every year established by the American Society of Composers and Authors (ASCAP)
. In 2001, Knowles made his debut as an actress, starring in staging the show MTV 'Carmen: A Hip Hopera', and in 2002 on the screens out comedy 'Austin Powers: Goldmember', where the singer played the role of Foxy Cleopatra. The soundtrack sounds first solo single, Beyonce 'Work It Out', recorded in collaboration with The Neptunes.

Summer of 2003, BeyoncL Knowles released her first solo album 'Dangerously In Love'. In the disc recording involved stars such as Missy Elliott, Sean Paul, Big Boi from the group Outkast, and Jay-Z. 'Dangerously In Love' firmly holds first place in the Billboard charts in 2003. Album differ much from that BeyoncL Knowles has done in the group Destiny's Child. 'In general, work on a solo album was for me a chance to grow as an author and as a performer. Record a solo album was more difficult than to record an album with Destiny's Child. I want people who will listen to my album, heard all those musical styles, from hip-hop and jazz ending, which had a strong influence on me when I was recording the album '- commented on the singer. The first single from the album 'Crazy Love', recorded a duet with Jay-Z, defines the sound of the album as a whole. In 'Dangerously In Love' included such hits as 'Me, Myself and I', 'Baby Boy'. Two months after the album's release on the music awards ceremony, MTV Video Music Awards, . BeyoncL was awarded two prizes for 'Best Female Video' and 'best rhythm and blues-video', . a video 'Crazy In Love' wins in the category 'Best Choreography in a clip',
. Duet with Jay-Z 'Crazy In Love' becomes 'best song' at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2003, and she BeyoncL wins the nomination 'Best rhythm and blues singer'. At the end of the year comes yet another film with the stars - 'The Fighting Temptation', BeyoncL Knowles, a partner in the film becomes Cuba Gooding Jr.. In February 2004, the singer is nominated for 6 awards Grammy.

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Photos of BeyoncL Knowles
BeyoncL KnowlesBeyoncL KnowlesBeyoncL KnowlesBeyoncL Knowles

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BeyoncL Knowles, photo, biography
BeyoncL Knowles, photo, biography BeyoncL Knowles  Singer, photo, biography
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